Nov. 25th, 2008 07:08 pm
nickelsandcoats: (10/rose doomsday)
I've managed to catch Matt's cold. My throat is killing me, and I'm going to be so mad if I'm too stuffed up to taste Thanksgiving dinner.

But! I've only got one more class' worth of portfolios to grade and then I'm done! At least two of my students didn't even bother to turn in a final portfolio, so they've failed the course. And I know I said I'd never teach 5 classes in one quarter again......but I have 5 classes next quarter. However, 4 of the five are the same class, so I won't have to do much planning, especially since I've taught this class many many many times before.

I got my s4 DVDs, and I have yet to watch the last 3 episodes of the series because they make me so sad. Poor Donna. D:

I've officially applied to Ball State, Oklahoma State, Marquette, and Illinois State for PhD programs. Just need to get the final draft of my personal statement done and looked at and I should be ready to send my stuff.
Dammit, LJ, if I wanted to have my site viewing scheme changed to your stupid Horizon I'd change it myself. QUIT CHANGING IT FOR ME! *shakes fist*

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I was miserably ill with one of the three worst sinus infections I've EVER had on Christmas Eve. I went to Nana's and curled up and cried. Not Fun. Was only slightly less sick on Christmas, and I finally feel human/better today. I took the day off work today and spent my entire day sleeping. It's the first time I've slept well in about 4 days, so it was really nice.

I got lots of loot for Christmas, mostly gift cards, which is what Matt and I needed so that when we move across the hall and need a kitchen table. we can afford to get one. Hooray! Matt also got some brand-new GORGEOUS hard anodized cookware from his parents, along with a very nice knife set. It's all so shiiiiny.

I should not be tired. I slept for 13 hours last night (woke up at 1030 after sleeping like a rock for the first time in days) and then napped from 4-7 this evening. Ahhhh sleep, how I missed thee.

I really need to find some ads for my class to analyze. I start teaching in a week and I haven't gotten any picked out yet. Oh, well. I'll find something this week.
Both Matt and I have managed to catch colds at the exact same time. He has the stuffy nose version and I have the sore throat/coughing version. He went to the doctor today and got meds so he feels a bit better. Since I'm currently miserable and hacking up a lung, he went out and bought me cough drops and a cookie and hot chocolate from our local coffee place. He's the bestest ever. And he's mine and I'm not sharing. <3

We've also gotten almost all of our shopping done. He needs to get one last thing for his dad and I have to get one last thing for Papaw. I'm excited because John, Olga, and Lela are coming in this Christmas from Azerbaijan and I haven't gotten to see them in a couple years. I may get to see them tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then Saturday for sure.

Also, w00t for getting to go to lunch at PF Chang's with everyone at Mead AND getting to go home at 3:30 instead of 5.

*toddles off to cough some more*
Holy shit, it's midterms. O.O

I get 24 portfolios tomorrow that I have to grade. Yayhoo.

I also have a prospectus for a paper that I really haven't thought too much about due on Monday, and a 4 page paper which I definitely haven't thought about due the Monday after that.

My IBS is so bad that I nearly didn't even go in to work/school yesterday. Finally went to the doctor this morning and got on a prescription that will hopefully help me feel better. We'll see.



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