I can't cook. I hate to cook. My husband, Matt, is a chef and hates having to cook all day and then come home and cook, and I totally get that. So I tried to make spaghetti and sausage tonight. The spaghetti and sausage part was great, but the olive oil and garlic sauce, not so much. It didn't have a lot of flavor, and didn't really do much for the pasta. I just always feel bad when I cook and it turns out to be not very good (but edible--I can at least say that even if it's not very good, I've never cooked something that was inedible) when I know Matt's hungry and could've made a fantastic dinner in his sleep. But he's tired when he comes home, and since I only teach two days a week, I feel like I should cook at least once in a while for him. At least he always eats what I make and doesn't complain, lol.

The semester's winding down (thank God)--I have four more classes to teach (well, more like supervise since they're doing presentations) and some grading to do and I'm done! The classes I'm taking are almost over too--I only have one more paper (5 pages--easy peasy), a project and its write up (slightly more time consuming), and a final something for my IT class. I'm waiting to hear if I got a loan for the summer so I can take classes, but if not, then I won't worry about it.

I need to apply for some summer jobs since I don't get paid over the summer. As much as I hate retail, it's my only option in this town. Hopefully I can get a job--I know a lot of places are hiring because a lot of people leave for the summer (I live in a college town), but at the same time, a lot of retail places won't hire someone with a Master's. Since I really only want it for the summer (and possibly part time in the fall), maybe I stand a better chance.

I'm thinking of getting another tattoo, and so is Matt. I'm thinking of the design from the Doctor's fob watch on my other thigh. Matt wants to get this Time Lord seal complete with the neon-y effect. I really like that one, too. *ponders*

I cannot WAIT for s6 of Doctor Who! I've kept myself spoiler free for the first time in a looong time, so I'm really super excited. It premieres on Matt's birthday, and I told him that the premiere was the best birthday present ever. He seemed not to see it that way. :) He loves the show, though. His favorite companion is Amy, and he loves 10 and 11 like I do.

Zoe (see avatar) loves her leash and harness. I've been taking her out on it for short walks in the grass in front of our apartment. I'm trying to teach her to walk with me on the leash--she walks, but she won't follow me; instead, she goes where she wants. Typical cat.

I have about 400 words of part vii of Those Left Behind written, and I have the outline for the rest of the story hammered out. I'm thinking there will be about 3, possibly 4, parts left depending on how long each part ends up getting. I should have part vii up by Sunday.
Matt and I are going to see the NT Live broadcast of Frankenstein tomorrow. I was absolutely shocked that there was a theater here in Oklahoma that was showing it (granted, only one theater in the entire state is), and I was a little surprised that it's being shown in Tulsa instead of OKC, which is where I would've thought they'd do it. I am a little bummed that they're not showing the second broadcast (with BC as Victor), but I'd rather see him as the Creature anyway.

So, as a result, part iv of I am Alone in the Things I Have Done will be up by Friday night.

Alos, where the hell has my spring break gone? I have one exercise to do by Monday and an 8 page paper to write by Saturday the 26th, and I keep thinking, "oh, I'll start them tomorrow," and each day I push it off. Now I'm looking at the calendar thinking, "well shit, now I have to do it today." Ugh.
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Off home to Ohio tomorrow, so merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!

I got all As this semester!

And I will never let Matt leave a cutting board on the counter again. he managed to get turkey juice under the board. I didn't know this until today--and the last time we had turkey was a few days after Thanksgiving. OMG the SMELL! I have my countertop covered in vinegar-soaked rags, and I hope like hell this will get the unholy stench off my counter. ugh. I seriously gagged and nearly threw up when I lifted up that cutting board. Needless to say, the board's in the trash.

I really really want a Kindle. Might have to buy one after Xmas.
Hooray! I got an A- on my Pound paper that I was absolutely terrified of getting back.

I'm also still waiting on the result of my petition to get out of the research methods/theory course I have to take. Really really really hope I get out of this class.

Matt's new job starts next Monday. He's hoping his last day at the RC can be Thursday so he can have a few days off so we can go to OKC and get my wedding band fixed. I lost (and found!) one of the diamonds out of it, and I haven't been wearing it for about 2 weeks now, and I miss my pretty ring. :-(
Matt got his new job! He's now working for the catering company on campus and has better (read: normal) hours, better pay, benefits, etc. I get to see my hubby for more than an hour a day! Hooray!

I also finally finished knitting Rose's gloves/wristwarmers she wears during Bad Wolf Bay in Doomsday. I feel rather accomplished since it only took me a *cough*year*cough* to finish them. I love the way they feel, but the right thumb's a bit tight.

Melody is coming over Saturday for dinner and a knit night to help us relax after all the stress of school. This is our "fall break," which is really just a three day weekend, so it'll be nice to relax a bit after all the grading and work I have to do this weekend. And Scott and LuElla want to go out Sunday night to celebrate Matt's new job, so I really need to get in gear. The only thing I must get done this weekend is grading essays from both of my classes. I do need to start doing research for both of my papers that are due in a month and a half and two months. Might wait on my Modern Epic paper's research until I see how terribly I did on my first paper that I'm supposed to get back on Tuesday since I kinda wanted to keep working on that topic.

I already have a bad feeling about my students' next essay assignment. I just wrote the assignment sheet, and even though I'm trying to be as clear as possible, I just have a funny feeling about this one. Compare/contrast essays are hard to write.


Sep. 10th, 2009 03:49 pm
So my next few years just got made:


Seriously, this is AWESOME. In order to start my dissertation, I would have to take and pass a foreign language exam, which means translating 600 words in a foreign lang. to English in 1 1/2 hours (for mastery of the lang.) or translate 600 words in 2 langs. in 3 hours to show reading knowledge. Both tests allow you to have a dictionary. But since I took 2 upper-division Spanish courses as an undergrad and got As in both, I have already been given mastery of Spanish, so I don't have to take the foreign language exam! Woohoo! I can take the test in Old English if I don't get reading knowledge from the OE Lang and Lit course I took as a grad student if I want to, but it's not necessary.

That's one thing off my shoulders.

And I might get out of the really hard research methods course that I'm required to take because I have taken a very similar, equally hard course at Wright State, so that would be great. I have to give them the course syllabus and my coursework and they'll decide from there.

Matt hates his job (more than I realize, I suspect) and is really anxious to hear if he got the much easier, better paying job with benefits and vacation etc he interviewed for. He's supposed to find out Monday.

I can get lots of books with my birthday money, although some of it's going to get jeans. Nana bought me 4 books and Dad gave me an Amazon gc. Matt's mom and aunt gave me checks so I can jeans, books, and yarn! Yay!
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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I meant to post several days ago, but things have a way of happening. Our trip was fantastic, but we missed our connecting flight in London due to heavy fog, so we queued for FIVE hours to get our tickets rebooked. Got a hotel for free from bmi airlines for the trouble, thank God. Got on a plane on Christmas Eve morning, left London 45 minutes late, and very nearly missed our connection in Washington DC. As in, we arrived at the gate when the flight was supposed to leave. However, the plane hadn't left yet, and since it was 5:10 PM EST on Christmas Eve, the pilot was nice and let us on, so we got to Dayton at 6:45 PM. Hallelujah. I will never fly through Heathrow (it's HUGE!!) or Washington-Dulles again.

To top off our little adventure, I caught a cold in London and was therefore sick for Christmas for the second year in a row. I hope this isn't some new tradition my body's trying to start. I finally feel better; still have a bit of drainage though.

Then, Matt comes home early from work on Sunday the 30th to tell me they cut his hours at his job, which meant that we couldn't have our medical insurance. so he quit. He went out the very next day (yesterday), and applied at a restaurant that's opening next Monday, and got hired on the spot. He got a 50 cent raise and we'll know about insurance soon. It's a job that's in his field (he'll be a line cook), and he'll get the experience that he needs.

I'm so glad 2007's over. Hopefully 2008 will be much less eventful and stressful.

My wedding!

Dec. 8th, 2007 09:33 am
I got married!!! Matt and I got married on Saturday (holy cow, it's been a week already?) and now we're packing to leave for Scotland tomorrow!

The wedding itself was gorgeous and went off without a hitch. However, there were some rather funny moments, including:

-The church's coordinator (a guy, who was a total nazi) barging into my changing room without knocking. Damn good thing I was dressed or there would have been words.
-My brother missing the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner because he was passed out drunk & high in our friend's car. Long story short, he got picked up to get his tux already drunk, came to my house and then drank almost half a liter of vodka on his own without anyone knowing until it was too late. He got plastered because he didn't want to see Mom and Dad. Bastard.
-Dad almost tripping on my train after he went to go sit after giving me away.
-Me almost dying. No, really. After the ceremony, our photographer had the guys hold me up so I was laying across their arms. Well, they picked me up, I rolled forward, and they nearly dropped me. They caught me just in time, but there are some amusing pics of our friend's hand around my neck when he caught me, making it look like he was strangling me.
-Matt locking us out of our hotel room when he came to carry me over the door. He picked me up, and the door shut behind him. He left the key inside, so he had to go back down to get security while I stood upstairs laughing my ass off.

Pictures are here. There's not a lot, since these were the ones she posted online. I'll post more when I get the CDs.

And now, to pack! I probably won't post until after Christmas, since we don't get back until the 23rd, so to everyone who celebrates, have a very Merry Christmas!
Matt and I went up to Sinclair yesterday and walked around being nosy looking at where his classrooms would be, etc. Some of the buildings are actually really neat and very modern looking (including the one his classes are in), and then some are just drab and dingy. The dingy ones have nothing on the walls, no special lighting, just concrete and fire doors for the classrooms and offices. Ick. Anyway, most of the buildings are really nice, but both of us like Wright State soooo much better. We both wish WSU had a culinary program, but it's one of the few things they don't offer.

No ring shopping yesterday. I'm aiming now for Friday, but Phil's going to be in town, so unless we go early, we won't get to go this week.

My to-do list for Spring Break is slowly shrinking. Most of the wedding stuff isn't getting done >.< but quite a bit of my school and "other" are. Doing laundry and class planning today, along with doing some reading for my classes next quarter and watching FotR. Haven't watched that one in forever.

I'm still waiting for one of my grades to get posted. I got an A in my Fiction Writing seminar, but the frade for the class I'm a wee tiny bit worried about, my Old English Language and Lit class, hasn't been posted. Grrr. I relaly hope my paper was fine. I had an A before the final paper, but I have no idea how well I did on it.

I'm getting a little worried about my 102 class roster. Rich told us that the Registrar was going to automatically boot anyone who got a D or F in 101 from 102, but it doesn't look like it happened yet. Either that, or my entire class passed 101.

Umm...oh yeah! I got my taxes done yesterday. Took 2 hours!!! I was self-employed for part of the year last year, and I had no clue how to do file that on the tax forms. I swear tax forms are written in Pig Latin, and then translated to Greek. Anyway, I did get a $340 refund, so whoo! I only owed a small amount to the State, so everything worked out well.
Matt finally applied to go to Sinclair for Culinary Arts next Fall. I'm so glad he finally applied because it means that he can get a better paying job here in the next couple years and we'll be better off financially.

I've been planning for 102 next quarter. It's a research-based writing class, and I am a lot more comfortable and familiar teaching research than I am teaching 101. 101 just seems so vague to me, but 102 has a more concrete structure. I'm looking forward to teaching next quarter. I'm in the same room I was in Fall quarter where all the monitors face away from me, but I know how to handle that, so it'll be better than last time.

I'm excited--I think Matt and I may go ring shopping this week, either tomorrow or Friday. Our wedding is coming up so fast! It's only 8 months away and I have so much to do still. Aaaargh!

But I made Snickerdoodle cookies tonight, so my house smells amazing. Mmm cookie...

I'm home!

Feb. 7th, 2007 06:36 pm
I was stuck in my office at school yesterday until almost 8 PM. Poor Matt couldn't get to me to get me home, so I ended up calling Sofia, my friend and fellow TA, to see if she could come and get me so I wouldn't have to sleep in my office. Since she lives so close to campus, she came and got me and I stayed the night at her house.

Matt's mom came and got me 6 tonight after class, and I'm finally home! I haven't been home since 10 AM yesterday, and the cats will. NOT. leave. me. alone.

Thus ends the saga of the Great Snow-in of '07.
Insomnia sucks ass.

My class is not going real well this quarter. I switched to teaching 2 days a week, which means I teach for 100 minutes each day I have class. Pacing it well is throwing me off, and I lost my confidence again. I gave my class the option of turning things in via email, and the privilege is gone at the end of the month. Too many of them are abusing that policy, so it's going the way of the dodo. They were supposed to turn in their drafts yesterday (Thurs). By the time class started, 8 of them hadn't even started writing their drafts. I was not. pleased.

My IBS is flaring up slightly. I hate my body.

Matt and I are trying to eat healthier. I can count on one hand the times I've had fast food in the past 2 months.

We're hoping to move into our new, bigger apt. across the hall by the end of the month. I don't know if it will happen or not; my guess is that we'll move in early to mid February.

I wanna sleeeeepppp.
Dammit, LJ, if I wanted to have my site viewing scheme changed to your stupid Horizon I'd change it myself. QUIT CHANGING IT FOR ME! *shakes fist*

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I was miserably ill with one of the three worst sinus infections I've EVER had on Christmas Eve. I went to Nana's and curled up and cried. Not Fun. Was only slightly less sick on Christmas, and I finally feel human/better today. I took the day off work today and spent my entire day sleeping. It's the first time I've slept well in about 4 days, so it was really nice.

I got lots of loot for Christmas, mostly gift cards, which is what Matt and I needed so that when we move across the hall and need a kitchen table. we can afford to get one. Hooray! Matt also got some brand-new GORGEOUS hard anodized cookware from his parents, along with a very nice knife set. It's all so shiiiiny.

I should not be tired. I slept for 13 hours last night (woke up at 1030 after sleeping like a rock for the first time in days) and then napped from 4-7 this evening. Ahhhh sleep, how I missed thee.

I really need to find some ads for my class to analyze. I start teaching in a week and I haven't gotten any picked out yet. Oh, well. I'll find something this week.
Both Matt and I have managed to catch colds at the exact same time. He has the stuffy nose version and I have the sore throat/coughing version. He went to the doctor today and got meds so he feels a bit better. Since I'm currently miserable and hacking up a lung, he went out and bought me cough drops and a cookie and hot chocolate from our local coffee place. He's the bestest ever. And he's mine and I'm not sharing. <3

We've also gotten almost all of our shopping done. He needs to get one last thing for his dad and I have to get one last thing for Papaw. I'm excited because John, Olga, and Lela are coming in this Christmas from Azerbaijan and I haven't gotten to see them in a couple years. I may get to see them tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then Saturday for sure.

Also, w00t for getting to go to lunch at PF Chang's with everyone at Mead AND getting to go home at 3:30 instead of 5.

*toddles off to cough some more*
Yay! I guess knew ALi didn't do very well in the truck, so they brought her back today!

Matt just installed new under the cabinent lights in our kitchen. It looks, in his words, sexy, and in my words, very beautiful. He's so handy. ANd full of good ideas. Just don't tell him that, his head's big enough as it is.


May. 1st, 2006 02:56 pm
I'm moving into an apartment with Matt in Bellbrok on Thursday. Well, I sign the lease, pay rent, and get the keys on Thursday. So excited to get out of this shithole!!!

Matt's surgery is Friday. He's so nervous. I'm going to spend that weekend with him, and spend the night in the hospital Friday night if they'll let me.

English midterm tomorrow. Philosophy paper due the 16th, second story due the 17th. o.o
Nearly had a heart attack this morning when I thought (along with several other tutors) that the school had blocked Myspace, Facebook, and LJ because of all the controversy over the first two sites, but our school's interent was fucked up and they worked a while later. I was going to go on a rampage if they tried to block LJ.

Matt's test results came back and they told him he needs to have his gallbladder taken out. So he's going to have surgery sometime here in the next couple weeks. Poor guy. :(
So I did end up getting Bs in History and Philosophy. Not a surprise at all. I was a little surprised I got a B in History after my final, cause I know I did horribly on that. So A's in Spanish and English, a pass for Tai chi, and B's in the other two. Not bad for 20 credit hours and a crapton of stress winter quarter.

Having 3 whiny cats + 1 obnoxious, loud dog + one car + 2 and a half hours= Not cool + headache+ allergy attack + lots of stress. I hate open houses.

Matt went to the hospital again last night with the same chest pains. Scared me half to death when Phil calls me and tells me Matt's in hospital. He is fine though, and got released last night. So he has an ultrasound Wednesday to look at his gallbladder because his doc thinks that's what's causing his chest pain. Hopefully, they'll figure out what's wrong because I hate it when he's hurting and I can't do anything to help him.

My Lush stuff is in transit from Maumee, Ohio as of Saturday. It should be here today or tomorrow!

Right. Time to clean out the closet and do some laundry. *rolls up sleeves*
My fiance is the best fiance ever. I had been having one of those blah days where I just felt like curling up under the covers and hiding from the world, but he made it all better.

I'd been stuck at work all day (as in I skipped a class I felt so blah so I just stayed at the writing center) and had gotten a bit of a giggle when I covered Oren's client because Oren was sick. The client's Chinese and very soft spoken. He asked me if he could ask me a personal question, to which I said, "Sure, but I may not answer it if I feel it's too personal." His "personal question" was asking me how to talk to a girl. Apparently there's an Americangirl who lives one floor down from him that he likes, but he's too shy to talk to her. So I gave him some pointers and then tutored for another hour and then got to go home.

When I walked in the door, Matt was cooking chicken parm, as per my request last night, and on the table there were rose petals scattered all over the place and a little vase with some roses in it. That made me smile, and then he took sticky hearts (they're made of gel) and stuck them to the Mac screen, and also a big heart that said I love you. I was grinning so big. He is such a sweetheart. He is also a big dork, bless him, because he had ordered a case of Irn-bru (a fizzy orange Scottish pop which is so good. we fell in love with it while we were over there and have been craving it since) and it got here today, so we had Irn-bru in wine goblets. XD

All in all, my evening was wonderful, my day was blech.

*huggles flist*
Tonight, Matt and I went to Carrabba's (omg so good) and I am so full omg. We almost had to be rolled out of there, as my dad used to say. We both got chicken marsala, and I have plenty left over to have for lunch/dinner tomorrow. mmmm.

We also went to his church so I could look around and start thinking of wedding decorations. What was supposed to be a quick looksee ended up taking forever because he insisted on tramping through the entire church, including the basment and boiler room. His late grandfather founded the church we're going to get married in, and it's just beautiful. But, since both Matt and his mom grew up in that church, he has to show me again where all they used to hide when they played hide and seek as kids. It's really cute to see him get all exicted over showing me this stuff.

He also told me a little white lie, tut tut. He told me yesterday that he had to work tomorrow night, so we would have to V-day tonight. So we're at Carrabba's and then he looks at me and told me that he had planned on surprising me with dinner and such tomorrow night after I get off work at 8. He told me he had to work just so he could surprise me. Awww. My V-day pressie so far includes the Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit movie. He said there was a little more. o.o I hate it when he does this because I have no money to buy much for him, and I have no materials/time to make something either. I know I shouldn't feel guilty and he says over and over that I shouldn't worry about it because he likes to surprise me and give me little things because I deserve them, but I feel bad that I can't reciprocate in the ways that he can.



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