So I did end up getting Bs in History and Philosophy. Not a surprise at all. I was a little surprised I got a B in History after my final, cause I know I did horribly on that. So A's in Spanish and English, a pass for Tai chi, and B's in the other two. Not bad for 20 credit hours and a crapton of stress winter quarter.

Having 3 whiny cats + 1 obnoxious, loud dog + one car + 2 and a half hours= Not cool + headache+ allergy attack + lots of stress. I hate open houses.

Matt went to the hospital again last night with the same chest pains. Scared me half to death when Phil calls me and tells me Matt's in hospital. He is fine though, and got released last night. So he has an ultrasound Wednesday to look at his gallbladder because his doc thinks that's what's causing his chest pain. Hopefully, they'll figure out what's wrong because I hate it when he's hurting and I can't do anything to help him.

My Lush stuff is in transit from Maumee, Ohio as of Saturday. It should be here today or tomorrow!

Right. Time to clean out the closet and do some laundry. *rolls up sleeves*
I swear, when professors send your grades, they take forever on the ones you're worried about most. I have all my grades except for my History and Philosophy grades, and of course, those are the two grades I'm really worried about. But I did get an A in Spanish, which was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

My LUSH order shipped today! Yay!

Also, GIP


Nov. 11th, 2005 11:41 am
I absoultely hate going to the gyno., just like everyone else. Today was my lucky day and I got to drive my ass all the way back home to go. I told my doctor that I was having debilitating cramps on my first day, so she gave me a scrip for 800 mg pills of motrin, to take 3 a day the day before I start, the day I have the cramps and the day after. I can't take that much ibuprofen though because of my IBS and it makes me sick. Argh.

But! The stuff I ordered from Lush should be here today and I'm going over to Carolyn's to get it because she, Christine, and I all ordered together and Christine's bringing it over once it arrives. *waits impatiently by the phone*



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