Or Sarah's list of things to do before her wedding on December 1, 2007. Here goes:

List of Doom )

Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff. o.0

My wedding!

Dec. 8th, 2007 09:33 am
I got married!!! Matt and I got married on Saturday (holy cow, it's been a week already?) and now we're packing to leave for Scotland tomorrow!

The wedding itself was gorgeous and went off without a hitch. However, there were some rather funny moments, including:

-The church's coordinator (a guy, who was a total nazi) barging into my changing room without knocking. Damn good thing I was dressed or there would have been words.
-My brother missing the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner because he was passed out drunk & high in our friend's car. Long story short, he got picked up to get his tux already drunk, came to my house and then drank almost half a liter of vodka on his own without anyone knowing until it was too late. He got plastered because he didn't want to see Mom and Dad. Bastard.
-Dad almost tripping on my train after he went to go sit after giving me away.
-Me almost dying. No, really. After the ceremony, our photographer had the guys hold me up so I was laying across their arms. Well, they picked me up, I rolled forward, and they nearly dropped me. They caught me just in time, but there are some amusing pics of our friend's hand around my neck when he caught me, making it look like he was strangling me.
-Matt locking us out of our hotel room when he came to carry me over the door. He picked me up, and the door shut behind him. He left the key inside, so he had to go back down to get security while I stood upstairs laughing my ass off.

Pictures are here. There's not a lot, since these were the ones she posted online. I'll post more when I get the CDs.

And now, to pack! I probably won't post until after Christmas, since we don't get back until the 23rd, so to everyone who celebrates, have a very Merry Christmas!


Sep. 30th, 2007 11:12 pm
John was in town this weekend. As he promised last year, he is indeed sending us to Scotland for our honeymoon! He just bought the tickets tonight!! We're leaving Dec. 9 and we'll be back Dec. 23. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! *dances*

And now I'll stop abusing the !!, I swear.

I just scared myself silly tonight watching Dr. Who. It was the episode where the Weeping Angels come. Holy cow, I was so. scared. It was a great episode, but I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow's to-do list:

-Run clothes to Goodwill
-Get my ring inspected
-Get Matt's ring ordered
-Pay for cake at mall
-Pick up my contacts
-Order invitations
-Get wording for invites worked out
-Call Dad and ask Diane how long it will take to bustle dress
-Do the dishes
-Call Harvey and schedule appt.
-Call Lisa and ask her about engagement session since she hasn't bothered to call me back
I hate my mother.

No, really, I do.

I am getting married in 3 months. I have been engaged for nearly 2 years. She is well aware of this. Earlier this year, she and Paul got saddled with Neal, and so had to get an apartment and such about 8 months earlier than they had planned. They were hoping to stay on the road trucking for a long while and save their money. They'd been living out of the semi, so they had no house/apt. and no mortgage/rent. Well, now that they have Neal, mom went off the road and they live in an apt. in Florida. It took her several months to get a job. Paul is still on the road. Apparently, they are very tight for money.

They agreed to pay for my wedding cake. It's only $183. I told her last week that Paul was going to need to rent a tux. That's going to be about 100 bucks. They also need to buy plane tickets to get here. That's about 400 bucks. When I told her about the tux, she proceeded to flip out and told me that there was no way they'd have the money to rent him a tux. She went on and on about having to pay for the plane and the cake, and how they didn't have the money, etc.

Fast forward to this past Friday (as in 3 days ago). I get a text message from Paul (who had come home on a weekend off) of Mom sitting on a motorcycle. Attached was the note: Brand new bike, just bought it today. This is a $7000 motorcycle. Don't have the money? Bullshit. I spent my Friday crying and having IBS attacks. I called Dad and Nana on Sunday and they were just as angry.

The kicker? My own mother will not be here until the DAY BEFORE my wedding. She refuses to come any earlier because she doesn't want to take off 2 days of work, and she doesn't want to pull Neal from school for 2 days. She will likely get here around 4 PM judging by the flights I've seen so far, be barely in time for the rehearsal, and will miss all of the prewedding fun. She will then leave early Sunday.

I am beyond angry.

For the good news, I got my flowers for $345! That's 3 bouquets, 8 corsages, 10 boutonierres, and an altar piece. My bouquet will have white hydrangeas, white heather, burgundy hypericum berries, and vendella roses. The girls will have the hydrangeas, black magic roses, and the vendella roses.

Also, I finally found my photographer. She's a family friend of Matt's, and has done 50 weddings. She's really fun and enthusiastic. She comes to the rehearsal and then stays through the end of the reception. For $500. I am so happy.
Boston was really nice. I had a great time and got to see a lot of the city. More importantly, I got to spend time with Dad and Beth, which was the whole reason I went.

The cake has been ordered! Jeannette gave us a discount too; we got 10% off since she works the same place as Nana. Our cake, which serves 130 people, has handmade sugar flowers (poinsettias), and is very tasty, was only $182.25! That's a good hundred dollars less than we had planned on paying, which is a huge relief. THe next thing to tackle is finding a photographer.
From mms.com

Red and White M&Ms

Messages: Matt & Sarah
Dec. 1 2007

For 4 7 oz. bags = $47.96 w/o shipping
Each 7 oz. bag = $11.99
but it's been a month since I have.

I just went and picked up my wedding ring today! It's white gold, with 5 equal sized roud diamonds in a line, total carat weight 1/2 carat. It's so purty!

I just found out I'm not working for Mead again this summer, which really blows since I really really need the money so we can pay for wedding and honeymoon and rent and bills and such. Grrr. At least I get a raise next year as a TA.

I'm also the new EGO secretary. EGO=English Graduate Organization. It'll look good on my CV, and it'll be a lot of fun. I get to hang with all the cool nerdy kids.

I have 3 papers and a presentation to do before June 5. 1 paper and the presentation are due on Tues. the 22nd and the other 2 papers are due on June 5. Ick.

Ummm....oh yeah! John called me a few weeks ago and told us that they wouldn't be able to fly over for our wedding, so he's flying us to Scotland for our honeymoon, and then they'll meet us there on Dec. 14th. We're getting married on the 1st. I nearly fainted when he told us that. So Matt and I have a trip to plan on top of everything else. John hasn't been to Scotland in a loooong time, and only on business for a few days, so we're being counted on to help plan what to do/where to go/etc. I can't wait!
Class is going too well. I'm scared for the train wreck I'm sure is coming. However, my students chose some really interesting topics, so I'm excited to read these papers.

John's in town until Sunday. Matt and I went up to Nana's last night and we all had dinner, then John decided he wanted to go see a movie. So we drove down to the Greene and saw 300. (More on that later). Then, he decided he wanted to see Blades of Glory (which is HILARIOUS and you should go see it) RIGHT AFTER we saw 300, so I was in the theater from 7-11:30 last night. I've never seen two movies back to back like that in the theater, and since John hates sitting though previews, we had to sit up front both times. I still have a headache.

Matt got to sit in on my class yesterday. I was a little nervous that I'd get distracted, but I honestly almost forgot he was there, which is a good thing. Anyway, after we got done with class, we went ring shopping! Thursday, when Mom and Paul were here, they got their rings inspected, and Matt started looking at rings for him. He saw a beautiful Tungsten ring, which is big and broad and looks fantastic on him. Friday, we went to Helzberg and I put my ring on hold. It's a half-carat, 5 stone ring, white gold, prong setting. It's perfect and it looks so nice with my engagement ring (esp. since my engagement ring has 5 stones too). It's the only one I've found that I like, since everything now is channel set, and I hate channel set diamonds. The catch is that it's $800, which is really more than I wanted to spend, but everything else I've looked at looks so cheap and cloudy. I know that of everything for my wedding, this is the one thing I shouldn't scrimp on since I'll be wearing it for the rest of my life, but I still get nervous about spending that much money, especially when we really need a second car.

I'm trying to do homework and reading for Tuesday's classes. I'm almost done reading, I just need to write a 500 word response to one of the readings.

I've also been spending far too much time re-reading all of [livejournal.com profile] semaphore27's fic. And now I want to go back and re-re-read Lost, Found, Home, and This Is the Way the World Ends. But I must work. Woe.
Matt and I went up to Sinclair yesterday and walked around being nosy looking at where his classrooms would be, etc. Some of the buildings are actually really neat and very modern looking (including the one his classes are in), and then some are just drab and dingy. The dingy ones have nothing on the walls, no special lighting, just concrete and fire doors for the classrooms and offices. Ick. Anyway, most of the buildings are really nice, but both of us like Wright State soooo much better. We both wish WSU had a culinary program, but it's one of the few things they don't offer.

No ring shopping yesterday. I'm aiming now for Friday, but Phil's going to be in town, so unless we go early, we won't get to go this week.

My to-do list for Spring Break is slowly shrinking. Most of the wedding stuff isn't getting done >.< but quite a bit of my school and "other" are. Doing laundry and class planning today, along with doing some reading for my classes next quarter and watching FotR. Haven't watched that one in forever.

I'm still waiting for one of my grades to get posted. I got an A in my Fiction Writing seminar, but the frade for the class I'm a wee tiny bit worried about, my Old English Language and Lit class, hasn't been posted. Grrr. I relaly hope my paper was fine. I had an A before the final paper, but I have no idea how well I did on it.

I'm getting a little worried about my 102 class roster. Rich told us that the Registrar was going to automatically boot anyone who got a D or F in 101 from 102, but it doesn't look like it happened yet. Either that, or my entire class passed 101.

Umm...oh yeah! I got my taxes done yesterday. Took 2 hours!!! I was self-employed for part of the year last year, and I had no clue how to do file that on the tax forms. I swear tax forms are written in Pig Latin, and then translated to Greek. Anyway, I did get a $340 refund, so whoo! I only owed a small amount to the State, so everything worked out well.
Matt finally applied to go to Sinclair for Culinary Arts next Fall. I'm so glad he finally applied because it means that he can get a better paying job here in the next couple years and we'll be better off financially.

I've been planning for 102 next quarter. It's a research-based writing class, and I am a lot more comfortable and familiar teaching research than I am teaching 101. 101 just seems so vague to me, but 102 has a more concrete structure. I'm looking forward to teaching next quarter. I'm in the same room I was in Fall quarter where all the monitors face away from me, but I know how to handle that, so it'll be better than last time.

I'm excited--I think Matt and I may go ring shopping this week, either tomorrow or Friday. Our wedding is coming up so fast! It's only 8 months away and I have so much to do still. Aaaargh!

But I made Snickerdoodle cookies tonight, so my house smells amazing. Mmm cookie...


Jan. 26th, 2007 10:05 pm
Matt and I just went out today and did our gift registry for our wedding! We registered at Target. We may end up registering at one or two other places as well, but we haven't decided yet. It was a lot of fun to just go through and pick things out. Since we got TONS of kitchen stuff for Christmas, we didn't really need a lot of the typical pots and pans that most couples put on their registries, so we got to go around and pick new plates and silverware.

I get my class' midterms on Tuesday. I can't believe it's midterms already. Ick. However, I don't have my grad classes on Monday or Tuesday this week since they got cancelled, so Monday I'll be at school from 1-3 to work at the Center and then Tuesday I have to be there from 12:20-2 so my class can turn in their midterms.
DAMMIT. I missed Lost tonight because I could've sworn that there were no new eps until April. And I was at Nana and Papaw's and didn't set up a tape. Wah. Shall dl from iTunes tomorrow.

Bouquets I like:

*bounces for no reason*
Dress shopping was sort of a succeess. I am still heavily leaning towards the two dresses that I liked so much from the last time, but I also found two others that are really nice as well. I must be vague as my fiance has discovered my LJ and I think he reads it now, and I don't want him finding out what they look like. So hi, Matt!

Also, I felt sick v. early this morning, so I drove myself back to my mom's rather than be sick here with no one up here to help me should I need it. Apparently I didn't latch the front door all the way when I came in at 5 am, because the front door was open about 7 inches by 8 am. And Jackson, who is my cat, got out, and no one could find him. Finally, one of our neighbours across the street called us around 3:30 and asked us if we were missing a cat. Sure enough, it was him, hiding under their deck. I coaxed him and we took him and gave him a bit of a bath to wash his muddy feet, tail, and tummy. I was so glad to see him back because a) his brother would have been devastated, b) I would have been devastated, and c) Matt and I are getting both the boys when we move into our apt. so we would have been crushed to only have one of them.

And I still really don't feel all that great. But at least my baby's okay.
Dress shopping today! I am so excited! Then Beth is coming for dinner and I think Matt and I may do something later tonight.
Tonight, Matt and I went to Carrabba's (omg so good) and I am so full omg. We almost had to be rolled out of there, as my dad used to say. We both got chicken marsala, and I have plenty left over to have for lunch/dinner tomorrow. mmmm.

We also went to his church so I could look around and start thinking of wedding decorations. What was supposed to be a quick looksee ended up taking forever because he insisted on tramping through the entire church, including the basment and boiler room. His late grandfather founded the church we're going to get married in, and it's just beautiful. But, since both Matt and his mom grew up in that church, he has to show me again where all they used to hide when they played hide and seek as kids. It's really cute to see him get all exicted over showing me this stuff.

He also told me a little white lie, tut tut. He told me yesterday that he had to work tomorrow night, so we would have to V-day tonight. So we're at Carrabba's and then he looks at me and told me that he had planned on surprising me with dinner and such tomorrow night after I get off work at 8. He told me he had to work just so he could surprise me. Awww. My V-day pressie so far includes the Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit movie. He said there was a little more. o.o I hate it when he does this because I have no money to buy much for him, and I have no materials/time to make something either. I know I shouldn't feel guilty and he says over and over that I shouldn't worry about it because he likes to surprise me and give me little things because I deserve them, but I feel bad that I can't reciprocate in the ways that he can.


Jan. 13th, 2006 09:43 pm
Even though I'm not getting married for about 2 more years, I started an account at theknot.com. I am so lame omg And I think I might hopefully will go wedding dress shopping sometime over the weekend. eeeeeeeeeee!!! Matt told me it's not too early to start thinking about it, and he's right. *bounces* Remind me of how excited I was when I'm spazzing out closer to the big day.



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