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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I meant to post several days ago, but things have a way of happening. Our trip was fantastic, but we missed our connecting flight in London due to heavy fog, so we queued for FIVE hours to get our tickets rebooked. Got a hotel for free from bmi airlines for the trouble, thank God. Got on a plane on Christmas Eve morning, left London 45 minutes late, and very nearly missed our connection in Washington DC. As in, we arrived at the gate when the flight was supposed to leave. However, the plane hadn't left yet, and since it was 5:10 PM EST on Christmas Eve, the pilot was nice and let us on, so we got to Dayton at 6:45 PM. Hallelujah. I will never fly through Heathrow (it's HUGE!!) or Washington-Dulles again.

To top off our little adventure, I caught a cold in London and was therefore sick for Christmas for the second year in a row. I hope this isn't some new tradition my body's trying to start. I finally feel better; still have a bit of drainage though.

Then, Matt comes home early from work on Sunday the 30th to tell me they cut his hours at his job, which meant that we couldn't have our medical insurance. so he quit. He went out the very next day (yesterday), and applied at a restaurant that's opening next Monday, and got hired on the spot. He got a 50 cent raise and we'll know about insurance soon. It's a job that's in his field (he'll be a line cook), and he'll get the experience that he needs.

I'm so glad 2007's over. Hopefully 2008 will be much less eventful and stressful.
Boston was really nice. I had a great time and got to see a lot of the city. More importantly, I got to spend time with Dad and Beth, which was the whole reason I went.

The cake has been ordered! Jeannette gave us a discount too; we got 10% off since she works the same place as Nana. Our cake, which serves 130 people, has handmade sugar flowers (poinsettias), and is very tasty, was only $182.25! That's a good hundred dollars less than we had planned on paying, which is a huge relief. THe next thing to tackle is finding a photographer.
I'm leaving for Boston tomorrow to visit Dad and Beth! I am so excited! I'm packed already except for the toiletry stuff I can't pack until tomorrow.

For my reference:

Wed, July 18: 10:30 AM cake appt.
Wed, July 18: Pick up invitation examples from Franklin St. Graphics
Get addresses from people!

Also, I haven't seen HP OotP yet. Matt and I will probably see it after I get back on Tuesday. We may have to go on Thursday/Friday because that's the only time we can both go.

I've been scheduled to work until 4:30 on the day HP 7 comes out. If I get scheduled on Sunday, I will be pissed. That is all.
My LotR CDs came today! *dances* *cranks up the iPod*

I also finally got all of our pictures from our trip. Matt put them on a CDROM so I can copy them and then post them/use as desktops. There's 351 pictures on this CD, and my poor laptop is currently copying #161 as I type.
Finally turned in my honours project proposal to my advisor today. Am now waiting for her to rip it apart so I can rewrite it and get myself registered for the class.

Things to do
-Take the last two music tests
-Do two music essays
-Pay your fees for fall quarter
-Buy last two textbooks
-Finish sanding/painting/touching up bookshelves

My new roommates for the next year are Tiffani, Jessica, and Jessica. Here's hoping they're nice, as my last experience with roommates (in Scotland) was not exactly good. I'll repost my new address, phone #, and all that jazz in September.

Matt and I were looking at hostels in Glasgow and Edinburgh for our trip. We've decided to stay in Glasgow from Nov. 25-30, and Edinburgh the 30-4/5 of Dec, and then in Glasgow for the 5th-6th, as we have to get up ass early to catch our flight home on the 6th. We've decided on our hostel in Glasgow, which is most likely going to be the Glasgow Euro Hostel. We have four for Edinburgh, and need to decide on one. So excited omg. *bounces*



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