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A few pictures of me and Papaw. Pardon the border around some of them--I was too lazy to crop the screencaps.

Papaw and me )
New job starts tomorrow. *nervous flailing* It's been a long long long long time since I worked 8-5, and my sleep schedule is so wonky that it'll be a wonder if I sleep at all tonight. >.<

I am so glad this stupid class I'm taking is almost over. I have to write one more section on my last paper, take the final exam, and write 2 more discussion posts this week. I wrote a really nasty evaluation for this professor--I hate doing it, but waiting for 4 weeks to get feedback on our papers (I wrote three papers during this six week class, not counting the one I haven't turned in yet, and I haven't gotten a grade or feedback on a single one. The class ends on the 9th. Ridiculous.) is unacceptable.

I need to call our local theatre about HP 7 2 tickets. Can't wait to see this!

Matt and I are going to see the DCI show in Broken Arrow on the 20th. I might come back partially deaf or with ringing eardrums, but it will be so worth it. Why, yes, I AM still a marching band nerd, thankyouverymuch. :)

And I have 2800 words of Part xi of Those Left Behind done. It's ridiculously schmoopy (there are bees! and other things!) and I'm having a lot of fun writing it. I'll be sad to let this story go--it's been amazing writing it. I'm hoping to get part xi up by the weekend.
Interview went well. I should know in a week or so if I got the job or not--they have 1-2 more interviews this week.

Those Left Behind is seriously making me pull my hair out. I can't seem to write more than 100 words before I just get...stuck? I'm not really stuck, but John and Sherlock want to angst and I can't get them to say what they need to say before they see Mycroft. I'm tempted to skip ahead and write their conversations with Mycroft and write the aftermath of that conversation and the epilogue. Perhaps that's what I'll do and then I can get past that hump of the morning-after-I-learned-you-were-alive and we-had-a-serious-emotional-and-emotionally-draining-conversation-last-night angst that I'm stuck on now.

We got a new kitten! We're up to four now--no more. She's two months old and all black. Her name is Kira--she's so tiny! Stryker, Ali, and Zoe are slowly warming up to her--Zoe is more mad at Matt and I than the new kitten.
I can't cook. I hate to cook. My husband, Matt, is a chef and hates having to cook all day and then come home and cook, and I totally get that. So I tried to make spaghetti and sausage tonight. The spaghetti and sausage part was great, but the olive oil and garlic sauce, not so much. It didn't have a lot of flavor, and didn't really do much for the pasta. I just always feel bad when I cook and it turns out to be not very good (but edible--I can at least say that even if it's not very good, I've never cooked something that was inedible) when I know Matt's hungry and could've made a fantastic dinner in his sleep. But he's tired when he comes home, and since I only teach two days a week, I feel like I should cook at least once in a while for him. At least he always eats what I make and doesn't complain, lol.

The semester's winding down (thank God)--I have four more classes to teach (well, more like supervise since they're doing presentations) and some grading to do and I'm done! The classes I'm taking are almost over too--I only have one more paper (5 pages--easy peasy), a project and its write up (slightly more time consuming), and a final something for my IT class. I'm waiting to hear if I got a loan for the summer so I can take classes, but if not, then I won't worry about it.

I need to apply for some summer jobs since I don't get paid over the summer. As much as I hate retail, it's my only option in this town. Hopefully I can get a job--I know a lot of places are hiring because a lot of people leave for the summer (I live in a college town), but at the same time, a lot of retail places won't hire someone with a Master's. Since I really only want it for the summer (and possibly part time in the fall), maybe I stand a better chance.

I'm thinking of getting another tattoo, and so is Matt. I'm thinking of the design from the Doctor's fob watch on my other thigh. Matt wants to get this Time Lord seal complete with the neon-y effect. I really like that one, too. *ponders*

I cannot WAIT for s6 of Doctor Who! I've kept myself spoiler free for the first time in a looong time, so I'm really super excited. It premieres on Matt's birthday, and I told him that the premiere was the best birthday present ever. He seemed not to see it that way. :) He loves the show, though. His favorite companion is Amy, and he loves 10 and 11 like I do.

Zoe (see avatar) loves her leash and harness. I've been taking her out on it for short walks in the grass in front of our apartment. I'm trying to teach her to walk with me on the leash--she walks, but she won't follow me; instead, she goes where she wants. Typical cat.

I have about 400 words of part vii of Those Left Behind written, and I have the outline for the rest of the story hammered out. I'm thinking there will be about 3, possibly 4, parts left depending on how long each part ends up getting. I should have part vii up by Sunday.
Matt and I are going to see the NT Live broadcast of Frankenstein tomorrow. I was absolutely shocked that there was a theater here in Oklahoma that was showing it (granted, only one theater in the entire state is), and I was a little surprised that it's being shown in Tulsa instead of OKC, which is where I would've thought they'd do it. I am a little bummed that they're not showing the second broadcast (with BC as Victor), but I'd rather see him as the Creature anyway.

So, as a result, part iv of I am Alone in the Things I Have Done will be up by Friday night.

Alos, where the hell has my spring break gone? I have one exercise to do by Monday and an 8 page paper to write by Saturday the 26th, and I keep thinking, "oh, I'll start them tomorrow," and each day I push it off. Now I'm looking at the calendar thinking, "well shit, now I have to do it today." Ugh.
After years and years of reading and loving and studying and writing about Lord of the Rings, I've decided to get a tattoo of the White Tree of Gondor. I've always liked the idea of knowing that something good will come, no matter how bad things get, and that is what that Tree means to me.

I'm also loving library school. It's so interesting and fascinating--I'm so glad I dropped my PhD program. It's so much less stressful, too--I'm a much a nicer person than I was last year.

New resolution: to actually update this thing once a week, at least.

Newest musical obsession: The Doctor Who series 5 soundtrack. 63 glorious tracks! I especially love "I Am the Doctor" and "Amy's Theme."

Why, oh, why isn't there a soundtrack for Sherlock? I wants it, my precious.

I'm chomping at the bit to get my tickets for the NT Live! showing of Frankenstein. I'm kinda glad I live in Oklahoma now--I can't imagine there will be much of a rush to see this here. Although I probably just jinxed myself, dammit.

-Find an article for text analysis for 101
-Write a quick checklist/grp work for ad analysis
-write a campus resource activity if not sent

this weekend:
-make TA 1 assgn sheet
-grade dev discovery drafts
-plan classes for monday
-grade 112 summaries
-grade 101 journals


-pay helzberg bill
-pay citi bill


Aug. 12th, 2008 10:13 pm
Having two of your three best friends not be in the same state anymore sucks. Beth's lived in Boston for almost three years now (god, how time's flown) and Karen, who I saw every single day for two years and is really like a sister to me is gone to Oklahoma. I've gotten used to Beth not being here and she and I talk at least once a month for hours. I just got to talk to Karen for the first time since she moved and now I'm sitting here crying because it just hit me that I won't get to see her until Christmas. It feels so weird not being able to sit in our office and gossip and talk about books until we turn blue. I really really miss her, and it was so hard for both us to talk because I don't think either of us realized how hard it was going to be until she was gone. I miss my buddy. :'(

But in some good news, I do have a job. I will likely be teaching a developmental writing class this fall. The pay's crap, but it's teaching and it's money. And hopefully someone out there will take pity on me and hire me for a full time job.

I think I'll apply to Oklahoma State next year. Karen said I'd love it there, and I'm sure I would. If I can scrape together the money, I would love to go visit her sometime and see the campus for myself.
but it's been a month since I have.

I just went and picked up my wedding ring today! It's white gold, with 5 equal sized roud diamonds in a line, total carat weight 1/2 carat. It's so purty!

I just found out I'm not working for Mead again this summer, which really blows since I really really need the money so we can pay for wedding and honeymoon and rent and bills and such. Grrr. At least I get a raise next year as a TA.

I'm also the new EGO secretary. EGO=English Graduate Organization. It'll look good on my CV, and it'll be a lot of fun. I get to hang with all the cool nerdy kids.

I have 3 papers and a presentation to do before June 5. 1 paper and the presentation are due on Tues. the 22nd and the other 2 papers are due on June 5. Ick.

Ummm....oh yeah! John called me a few weeks ago and told us that they wouldn't be able to fly over for our wedding, so he's flying us to Scotland for our honeymoon, and then they'll meet us there on Dec. 14th. We're getting married on the 1st. I nearly fainted when he told us that. So Matt and I have a trip to plan on top of everything else. John hasn't been to Scotland in a loooong time, and only on business for a few days, so we're being counted on to help plan what to do/where to go/etc. I can't wait!
1 more day of class!!!

Beth is coming tomorrow night! She's staying the night here and leaving around noon on Friday. I am so excited--I haven't seen her since June of last year.

It's also nice that I only have to have 3 pages of my paper done for our workshop tomorrow. I still really haven't done anything on it, but since she basically gave us our paper and what to write, it won't be that hard. I just have to get the motivation to do it.

To do list for Monday/Tuesday:

--Write responses for Mon.
--Write personal craft annotation

--Write final paper Almost there: 1 more bullet point to answer and then incoporate 2 more sources

--Grade Final Ports.
--Enter grades
We've finally almost finished moving. His desk is still over here in our old apartment. I'm so glad that we only moved across the hall--it made moving so much easier. My landlady came over tonight (they had to repair the water heater) and she started complaining that we hadn't moved the desk yet. I bit my tongue about getting things out in a timely manner because we found out on Thursday that we could move in. For the two of us only being off together on Friday and me moving everything else on my own Sat. & Sun., she's lucky we got so much moved on such short notice. I reminded her that I work 2 jobs and am gone all day, and she shut up pretty quickly after that.

To do list for me (things I have to do before the end of the quarter in less than 2 weeks)

--Write responses for Wed, Mon, Wed, Mon.
--Write personal craft annotation

--Research for final paper
--Write final paper got started. ~2 of 10 pages done

--Grade TA 2
--Grade Movie Eval
--Grade Final Ports.
--Enter grades

--Write self-assessment
--Fix 102 syllabus
--Write daily sched. for 102

Hmm. Not as bad as I thought.
To do this weekend:
-Take out trash
-Clean sink
-mop floor

School wise:
--Write craft annotation halfway done
--Write idiomatic translation
--Write critique for Tiffany and Jim's stories halfway done
--Post to 610 discussion if Dr. B ever puts up the topic
--Read books for presentation halfway done
--Start writing Annotated Biblio. halfway done
--Grade TA 2 (can be done by Thurs)
--Write other story critiques
--Create presentation for next Thurs

Want sleepy. :(

I'm home!

Feb. 7th, 2007 06:36 pm
I was stuck in my office at school yesterday until almost 8 PM. Poor Matt couldn't get to me to get me home, so I ended up calling Sofia, my friend and fellow TA, to see if she could come and get me so I wouldn't have to sleep in my office. Since she lives so close to campus, she came and got me and I stayed the night at her house.

Matt's mom came and got me 6 tonight after class, and I'm finally home! I haven't been home since 10 AM yesterday, and the cats will. NOT. leave. me. alone.

Thus ends the saga of the Great Snow-in of '07.
Insomnia sucks ass.

My class is not going real well this quarter. I switched to teaching 2 days a week, which means I teach for 100 minutes each day I have class. Pacing it well is throwing me off, and I lost my confidence again. I gave my class the option of turning things in via email, and the privilege is gone at the end of the month. Too many of them are abusing that policy, so it's going the way of the dodo. They were supposed to turn in their drafts yesterday (Thurs). By the time class started, 8 of them hadn't even started writing their drafts. I was not. pleased.

My IBS is flaring up slightly. I hate my body.

Matt and I are trying to eat healthier. I can count on one hand the times I've had fast food in the past 2 months.

We're hoping to move into our new, bigger apt. across the hall by the end of the month. I don't know if it will happen or not; my guess is that we'll move in early to mid February.

I wanna sleeeeepppp.
Portfolios = graded!

Proposal = done!

Stress level = relatively normal = less IBS = happy Sarah

Now I just need to write a 4 page paper over the next week and do the research for it too....
Holy shit, it's midterms. O.O

I get 24 portfolios tomorrow that I have to grade. Yayhoo.

I also have a prospectus for a paper that I really haven't thought too much about due on Monday, and a 4 page paper which I definitely haven't thought about due the Monday after that.

My IBS is so bad that I nearly didn't even go in to work/school yesterday. Finally went to the doctor this morning and got on a prescription that will hopefully help me feel better. We'll see.
Today was my last day at Mead until November. Am v. sad as I made some great friends and they are all such lovely, nice, supportive people there. Teacher training starts tomorrow. Am v. afraid.

In other news, my 19 y.o. fuckup brother has managed to get a girl pregnant. She's someone he used to work with at Bob Evans. She is 5 months along, and due December 20. He can barely afford his rent now. They don't live together, nor are they currently dating, as far as I know. He just told everyone yesterday, but supposedly he's know for quite a while. I have doubts as to whether the baby is truly his, but who knows, maybe he waited to tell everyone when the baby was tested and he was sure it was his. He won't return my phone call (yes, I was nice and just said that I'd missed his call and to call me back), and Mom was the one who told me this lovely news last night. He can barely afford his rent. I have no idea if he's planning on marrying this girl or living with her, or what. He has fucked himself most righteously.
Yay! I guess knew ALi didn't do very well in the truck, so they brought her back today!

Matt just installed new under the cabinent lights in our kitchen. It looks, in his words, sexy, and in my words, very beautiful. He's so handy. ANd full of good ideas. Just don't tell him that, his head's big enough as it is.
Whew! My grade was fixed, and I graduated! My diploma should be ready for me to pick up sometime this week!

Have jury duty this week-ugh. When I called to see if I had to go in or if the trial had been cancelled, they said not to come in today but call tonight for tomorrow. So I decided that since work already knew I wasn't going to be there this week, I wouldn't go in, so I'm doing laundry, re-installing my bathroom's space saver over the loo thingy once we get a new drill, and hanging curtains. Woo!
IN the past month, I have:

-bought my wedding dress (it's GORGEOUS and only cost me $400)
-picked out what my cake will look like
-gotten a BA in English
-started an internship where I get paid lots of money to sit at a desk and copy edit calendars.
-gotten a bed so I'm no longer sleeping on an aerobed
-gotten a washer and dryer, being delivered on Wednesday
-helped my mom and Paul pack up the house and move
-gotten a new cell phone that will be much cheaper than our old one





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