I am seriously having a party when I finish this fucking 610 paper. Its maximum length is 15 pages, and I'm at the bottom of p. 12 with 1 more bullet point to go, some wrapping up/clarification to do, and adding 2 more sources. I'm going to be up another 2-3 hours tongiht to get this done. Thank God I don't ahve to be at school until 1 tomorrow, and that I'm not doing anything but turning in this damn paper and collecting my students' portfolios.

Want sleep. So tired.
I have been a bad girl and done some serious retail therapy. I now have 2 online orders coming my way (LUSH and Skindazzles), and I bought 2 new pairs of shoes (but I needed those), a book, 2 sweaters, and I preordered The Two Towers Complete Soundtrack!!! I am so excited! However, the price is absolutely ridiculous. It's $60.99 on Amazon. Yes, that's 60 bucks. O_O But I used a $35 gift cert from my Dad so it wasn't so bad. It should be here right around the middle of November.

I am also so excited that the end of the quarter is almost here. I only have to teach 5 more classes. I have 2 701 classes left and 4 more 703 classes. But then I get to grade 23 portfolios, which have 4 pieces in them. That's 92 papers. ;_; And I have to grade them within a week. November 15-22 is NOT going to be fun.

And then.....Winter Break!!! Which means working at Mead, planning for next quarter, and reading for fun!
Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends!

Things to do before Tues:

-read A Street Car Named Desire through Scene five
-Have powerpoint 90% finished. Currently about 65% done.
-Read half of reading for fantasy fiction class
-Have 1-2 of three parts for english essay typed up. Status: have read all three articles and have handwritten summaries. Need to type up, and then type up my arguments for and against them. Each article summary/argument only has to be one page long.
-Answer one question on Tolkien activity sheet. Have answered half of one question, and have notes for the other.
-Post to the discussion board for fantasy fiction class.

And that's pretty good considering that I've worked 23 hours since Friday. *falls over*

I know most of you don't care about this, but keeping this list is the only way I can keep myself on track as I check my LJ so much.

Also, GIP courtesy of [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] Keyord: hearing the dolphins sing



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