Hallo! Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Pressies! )

In other news, Justin and one of his buddies decided to get absolutely hammered on Christmas Eve, and then both of them puked everywhere. I was the one to discover this lovely present when I went down to get Justin, so Mom essentially kicked him out. He originally had until New Year's Eve, but he packed a few things and left last night. He came back today to shower, so I'm not really sure what's going on. Anyway, Justin ended up ruining Christmas for everyone because after 11 am, everyone was in a FOUL mood all because of him. And he? He doesn't even give a shit.
Today was the last day that I had to work until midnight. *choir sings Hallelujah* We were super busy, and I know it's going to be horrible tomorrow when I go out so I can buy Christmas presents for the few people I have money to buy for.

Going home to Mom's tomorrow after shopping so I can be there for Christmas Eve/Day.

Am so wired right now and I should be dead to the world. Need sleep.
1. Matt and I went to see Narnia on Saturday. It was WONDERFUL. I fell in love all over again with Mr. Tumnus (he was so. cute. omfg!). I still think that the actress who played Jadis looks like Cate Blanchett, and she even sounds and looks a little like Cate too, which was odd but good. She did a kickass job as the Witch: I totally believed in her evilness and such. Liam Neeson as Aslan didn't quite sit right with me: I always heard Aslan as having a much deeper voice when I read the books. Matt agreed. I suggested James Earl Jones, but then Aslan should never be associated with Darth Vader. Anyway, I loved this movie so so so so much. And how cute was Tumnus crowning Lucy? I squeed at that and Matt just gave me an odd look.

2. I finally wrote some more of my novel. It now sits at 8472 words, which is 3000 more words than I had at the end of the quarter in mid November. \o/

3. To all customers out there:

You suck. Be nice to your lowly retail employees as they are human too.

No love,

4. I have bought only 2 things for Xmas: Matt's ring and a book for Justin. I have to wait until I get paid Friday to go shopping, but I'm poorer than dirt right now, so no one's getting much this year.

5. Swiss Miss Caramel Cream hot chocolate rocks. Mmmmm so good.



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