I can't cook. I hate to cook. My husband, Matt, is a chef and hates having to cook all day and then come home and cook, and I totally get that. So I tried to make spaghetti and sausage tonight. The spaghetti and sausage part was great, but the olive oil and garlic sauce, not so much. It didn't have a lot of flavor, and didn't really do much for the pasta. I just always feel bad when I cook and it turns out to be not very good (but edible--I can at least say that even if it's not very good, I've never cooked something that was inedible) when I know Matt's hungry and could've made a fantastic dinner in his sleep. But he's tired when he comes home, and since I only teach two days a week, I feel like I should cook at least once in a while for him. At least he always eats what I make and doesn't complain, lol.

The semester's winding down (thank God)--I have four more classes to teach (well, more like supervise since they're doing presentations) and some grading to do and I'm done! The classes I'm taking are almost over too--I only have one more paper (5 pages--easy peasy), a project and its write up (slightly more time consuming), and a final something for my IT class. I'm waiting to hear if I got a loan for the summer so I can take classes, but if not, then I won't worry about it.

I need to apply for some summer jobs since I don't get paid over the summer. As much as I hate retail, it's my only option in this town. Hopefully I can get a job--I know a lot of places are hiring because a lot of people leave for the summer (I live in a college town), but at the same time, a lot of retail places won't hire someone with a Master's. Since I really only want it for the summer (and possibly part time in the fall), maybe I stand a better chance.

I'm thinking of getting another tattoo, and so is Matt. I'm thinking of the design from the Doctor's fob watch on my other thigh. Matt wants to get this Time Lord seal complete with the neon-y effect. I really like that one, too. *ponders*

I cannot WAIT for s6 of Doctor Who! I've kept myself spoiler free for the first time in a looong time, so I'm really super excited. It premieres on Matt's birthday, and I told him that the premiere was the best birthday present ever. He seemed not to see it that way. :) He loves the show, though. His favorite companion is Amy, and he loves 10 and 11 like I do.

Zoe (see avatar) loves her leash and harness. I've been taking her out on it for short walks in the grass in front of our apartment. I'm trying to teach her to walk with me on the leash--she walks, but she won't follow me; instead, she goes where she wants. Typical cat.

I have about 400 words of part vii of Those Left Behind written, and I have the outline for the rest of the story hammered out. I'm thinking there will be about 3, possibly 4, parts left depending on how long each part ends up getting. I should have part vii up by Sunday.
Why do ovens have to smell So. BAD. when they're doing the self-cleaning cycle? Ugh.

I just did dishes for an hour. Double ugh.

I'm forgetting something, I just know it. Oh well.

Matt's upset because he's missing the OSU/Florida game. He's at work, and he doesn't have a radio. He should get to see at least half of it though.


Nov. 11th, 2005 11:41 am
I absoultely hate going to the gyno., just like everyone else. Today was my lucky day and I got to drive my ass all the way back home to go. I told my doctor that I was having debilitating cramps on my first day, so she gave me a scrip for 800 mg pills of motrin, to take 3 a day the day before I start, the day I have the cramps and the day after. I can't take that much ibuprofen though because of my IBS and it makes me sick. Argh.

But! The stuff I ordered from Lush should be here today and I'm going over to Carolyn's to get it because she, Christine, and I all ordered together and Christine's bringing it over once it arrives. *waits impatiently by the phone*
Things I am currently loving:

berry blues tea
having no homework except to write
apple crisp oatmeal
watching Lost on DVD and writing this at the same time
the new kitten that adopted itself into my house
everyone i know
My boss in this case is actually my dept. supervisor. He's 27, and is a really funny guy. He plays drums in his own band, and wears a robot outfit to do it. This conversation occured yesterday.

Boss: "Have to go home and drink lots of water as I'm running a race tomorrow"

I was told yesterday that I am a unique person. Here's why:Me: "You're going to be sloshing all night long what with all that water in you."

Boss: o.O *starts laughing* "Sloshing? That's a weird word."

Me: "No seriously, have you ever drunk enough water to feel it slosh around in your tummy? I did that once after a reaaallly long band practice, I drank a whole jug thingy of waterand went to go walk down the stairs and I could hear it sloshing around. I stopped anad went, 'I make funny noises.'" *yes, I really AM this eird in RL*

Boss: *laughing so hard he's turning red* "Wow, Sarah. Just wow."

Me: *giggling now too* "It's okay to laugh at me, I know I'm weird."

Boss: "No, no, you're just very unique. In a good way, of course."

Me: "Oh, well that's good then. Usually I'm the nerdy geeky weird one. Thank you."

*Thus follows ten minute conversation on how to classify geeks, nerds, dorks, and weirdos*

So. I am a unique person. I SO win at life. \o/
Am done with school until Sept. 6. *parties*

I have so much packing to do it's not even funny. Most of it is stuff that won't be packed per se, but will be put in cars. so maybe it's not as bad as I thought. Remind me of this later when I'm panicking.
Finally turned in my honours project proposal to my advisor today. Am now waiting for her to rip it apart so I can rewrite it and get myself registered for the class.

Things to do
-Take the last two music tests
-Do two music essays
-Pay your fees for fall quarter
-Buy last two textbooks
-Finish sanding/painting/touching up bookshelves

My new roommates for the next year are Tiffani, Jessica, and Jessica. Here's hoping they're nice, as my last experience with roommates (in Scotland) was not exactly good. I'll repost my new address, phone #, and all that jazz in September.

Matt and I were looking at hostels in Glasgow and Edinburgh for our trip. We've decided to stay in Glasgow from Nov. 25-30, and Edinburgh the 30-4/5 of Dec, and then in Glasgow for the 5th-6th, as we have to get up ass early to catch our flight home on the 6th. We've decided on our hostel in Glasgow, which is most likely going to be the Glasgow Euro Hostel. We have four for Edinburgh, and need to decide on one. So excited omg. *bounces*
Happy one year birthday to my LJ. It was actually June 19th, but we won't tell.

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