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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I meant to post several days ago, but things have a way of happening. Our trip was fantastic, but we missed our connecting flight in London due to heavy fog, so we queued for FIVE hours to get our tickets rebooked. Got a hotel for free from bmi airlines for the trouble, thank God. Got on a plane on Christmas Eve morning, left London 45 minutes late, and very nearly missed our connection in Washington DC. As in, we arrived at the gate when the flight was supposed to leave. However, the plane hadn't left yet, and since it was 5:10 PM EST on Christmas Eve, the pilot was nice and let us on, so we got to Dayton at 6:45 PM. Hallelujah. I will never fly through Heathrow (it's HUGE!!) or Washington-Dulles again.

To top off our little adventure, I caught a cold in London and was therefore sick for Christmas for the second year in a row. I hope this isn't some new tradition my body's trying to start. I finally feel better; still have a bit of drainage though.

Then, Matt comes home early from work on Sunday the 30th to tell me they cut his hours at his job, which meant that we couldn't have our medical insurance. so he quit. He went out the very next day (yesterday), and applied at a restaurant that's opening next Monday, and got hired on the spot. He got a 50 cent raise and we'll know about insurance soon. It's a job that's in his field (he'll be a line cook), and he'll get the experience that he needs.

I'm so glad 2007's over. Hopefully 2008 will be much less eventful and stressful.


Sep. 30th, 2007 11:12 pm
John was in town this weekend. As he promised last year, he is indeed sending us to Scotland for our honeymoon! He just bought the tickets tonight!! We're leaving Dec. 9 and we'll be back Dec. 23. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! *dances*

And now I'll stop abusing the !!, I swear.

but it's been a month since I have.

I just went and picked up my wedding ring today! It's white gold, with 5 equal sized roud diamonds in a line, total carat weight 1/2 carat. It's so purty!

I just found out I'm not working for Mead again this summer, which really blows since I really really need the money so we can pay for wedding and honeymoon and rent and bills and such. Grrr. At least I get a raise next year as a TA.

I'm also the new EGO secretary. EGO=English Graduate Organization. It'll look good on my CV, and it'll be a lot of fun. I get to hang with all the cool nerdy kids.

I have 3 papers and a presentation to do before June 5. 1 paper and the presentation are due on Tues. the 22nd and the other 2 papers are due on June 5. Ick.

Ummm....oh yeah! John called me a few weeks ago and told us that they wouldn't be able to fly over for our wedding, so he's flying us to Scotland for our honeymoon, and then they'll meet us there on Dec. 14th. We're getting married on the 1st. I nearly fainted when he told us that. So Matt and I have a trip to plan on top of everything else. John hasn't been to Scotland in a loooong time, and only on business for a few days, so we're being counted on to help plan what to do/where to go/etc. I can't wait!
The userpic factory is pretty cool! The icon I'm using for this post is me, about ten minutes before I got engaged. I'm at Edinburgh castle looking out over the city. I am in love with this picture for a reason I can't really explain.
My fiance is the best fiance ever. I had been having one of those blah days where I just felt like curling up under the covers and hiding from the world, but he made it all better.

I'd been stuck at work all day (as in I skipped a class I felt so blah so I just stayed at the writing center) and had gotten a bit of a giggle when I covered Oren's client because Oren was sick. The client's Chinese and very soft spoken. He asked me if he could ask me a personal question, to which I said, "Sure, but I may not answer it if I feel it's too personal." His "personal question" was asking me how to talk to a girl. Apparently there's an Americangirl who lives one floor down from him that he likes, but he's too shy to talk to her. So I gave him some pointers and then tutored for another hour and then got to go home.

When I walked in the door, Matt was cooking chicken parm, as per my request last night, and on the table there were rose petals scattered all over the place and a little vase with some roses in it. That made me smile, and then he took sticky hearts (they're made of gel) and stuck them to the Mac screen, and also a big heart that said I love you. I was grinning so big. He is such a sweetheart. He is also a big dork, bless him, because he had ordered a case of Irn-bru (a fizzy orange Scottish pop which is so good. we fell in love with it while we were over there and have been craving it since) and it got here today, so we had Irn-bru in wine goblets. XD

All in all, my evening was wonderful, my day was blech.

*huggles flist*



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