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A few pictures of me and Papaw. Pardon the border around some of them--I was too lazy to crop the screencaps.

Papaw and me )


May. 26th, 2011 01:21 am
This is really long and full of drama about my family. If you want to read about my Papaw and all the drama that happened after he passed on, click on the cut.

Papaw )

If you got through that, congrats!

I'm going to work on Those Left Behind soon--I'm working on something for my uncle which is taking up a lot of my time. I'm hoping to have part 9 up before the middle of next week.

If I get a chance, I'll scan and post one of my favourite pictures of me and Papaw sometime very soon. When I was younger, we used to get to walk to the corner store with Papaw and get a pack of those mini-donuts (the ones that 5 little donuts wrapped in cellophane) when we stayed the night at their house. We always went at night just after dinner so we could have the donuts for breakfast. After we walked back home, we would sit on their porch swing and open the donuts. I would have one, and Papaw would have one as his "fee." I'd have the other three for breakfast the next morning. This picture is of a very young me and Papaw on the porch swing after our donut excursion, and I'm feeding him his donut. I love this picture so much--it's just so us. I was Papaw's girl--I used to fall asleep on his chest when I was a baby. In fact, if I got fussy, it was the only way to calm me down--give me to Papaw, let him put me on his chest, and I was out like a light in less than a minute. We were very very close and I miss him so much.

Fuck, now I'm crying again. Love you, Papaw.
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I just found out today that my grandpa is going into hospice. So, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Tulsa to catch a 6 AM flight tomorrow back home to Ohio and won't be back until May 20th.

I will try to get on and reply to comments and such, but I likely won't be able to update Those Left Behind until after I get back.

Think good thoughts for me, please. My grandpa is like my dad to me, and I'm really going to miss him.

My wedding!

Dec. 8th, 2007 09:33 am
I got married!!! Matt and I got married on Saturday (holy cow, it's been a week already?) and now we're packing to leave for Scotland tomorrow!

The wedding itself was gorgeous and went off without a hitch. However, there were some rather funny moments, including:

-The church's coordinator (a guy, who was a total nazi) barging into my changing room without knocking. Damn good thing I was dressed or there would have been words.
-My brother missing the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner because he was passed out drunk & high in our friend's car. Long story short, he got picked up to get his tux already drunk, came to my house and then drank almost half a liter of vodka on his own without anyone knowing until it was too late. He got plastered because he didn't want to see Mom and Dad. Bastard.
-Dad almost tripping on my train after he went to go sit after giving me away.
-Me almost dying. No, really. After the ceremony, our photographer had the guys hold me up so I was laying across their arms. Well, they picked me up, I rolled forward, and they nearly dropped me. They caught me just in time, but there are some amusing pics of our friend's hand around my neck when he caught me, making it look like he was strangling me.
-Matt locking us out of our hotel room when he came to carry me over the door. He picked me up, and the door shut behind him. He left the key inside, so he had to go back down to get security while I stood upstairs laughing my ass off.

Pictures are here. There's not a lot, since these were the ones she posted online. I'll post more when I get the CDs.

And now, to pack! I probably won't post until after Christmas, since we don't get back until the 23rd, so to everyone who celebrates, have a very Merry Christmas!


Oct. 21st, 2007 10:45 pm
My stepsister just got engaged to the guy she's been dating for a few years now!!! I'm so excited for her!!
Papaw's surgery went really well today. He should be home tomorrow afternoon.

To do:

-Schedule appt w/ Jeannette re: cake order
-Start researching Phd programs
-Rewrite "Transient" for the fourth time
-Start rereading LotR
-Start rereading HP
-Email Cory about photography
-Call Lisa
-Look up things to do in Boston
-Make packing list for trip
-Call Dad re: trip
-Call Beth re: trip (ask her if I need to bring towel/pillow etc)
-Finish QVC story or write a new one
-Email future TAs to get WebCT logons
-Rework lesson plans for 102

American Gods was...interesting. I think I may need to read it with Wikipedia open the next time so I can look up obscure references.

I should not be this awake either. I got up at 7 to be at the hospital early, and I didn't sleep very well last night because it got so hot in the bedroom. I hate not having central air. When we got home from the hospital at 2, I came within 100 pages of finishing American Gods and then fell asleep for 2.5 hours. I must have slept really deeply and really hard, because Matt said I looked like shit when I finally woke up. Ugh. And now, it's 1130 and Matt has to be up at 830 so he can be at work in the morning, which means I'll be up then too. And since I'm wide awake, I probably won't fall asleep until 2 or 3. /whine
--Write 704 paper (6 pages)
--Write 702 paper (10 pages)
--Grade 102 portfolios

Nana and Papaw are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday. They're having a party then, and all of us are going to help facilitate. It'll be fun, but it means that I've lost an entire weekend to work on my 702 paper since I'll be gone all day Sunday and Saturday for Matt's grandma's/dad's birthday celebration.

My Beats class went to Dr. Guthrie's house last night for food, wine, and paper presentations. I was rather nervous about how I did, and was a little disappointed to learn that he hadn't graded them yet. What he did last night, though, was rather neat. He sat us down and read our papers aloud, giving us verbal commentary as he went. It was really cool to see how he thinks as he's grading; it was a good way to gain some insight into the professorial mindset. From what he said to me, I think I may have managed to get an A, but I'll see what I got later this week.

I feel like Eowyn looks in my icon: tired, in despair of getting this quarter done and over with, in love, and wanting a cuddle right about now. Matt's at work right now, so I have to wait on the cuddle until 10:15 or so.

Still need to go job hunting for the summer. I haven't the time to go hunting yet, but I know of some places that are hiring. I may go apply on Friday or Monday, depending upon how much of my work I've gotten done.
Both Matt and I have managed to catch colds at the exact same time. He has the stuffy nose version and I have the sore throat/coughing version. He went to the doctor today and got meds so he feels a bit better. Since I'm currently miserable and hacking up a lung, he went out and bought me cough drops and a cookie and hot chocolate from our local coffee place. He's the bestest ever. And he's mine and I'm not sharing. <3

We've also gotten almost all of our shopping done. He needs to get one last thing for his dad and I have to get one last thing for Papaw. I'm excited because John, Olga, and Lela are coming in this Christmas from Azerbaijan and I haven't gotten to see them in a couple years. I may get to see them tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then Saturday for sure.

Also, w00t for getting to go to lunch at PF Chang's with everyone at Mead AND getting to go home at 3:30 instead of 5.

*toddles off to cough some more*
Today was my last day at Mead until November. Am v. sad as I made some great friends and they are all such lovely, nice, supportive people there. Teacher training starts tomorrow. Am v. afraid.

In other news, my 19 y.o. fuckup brother has managed to get a girl pregnant. She's someone he used to work with at Bob Evans. She is 5 months along, and due December 20. He can barely afford his rent now. They don't live together, nor are they currently dating, as far as I know. He just told everyone yesterday, but supposedly he's know for quite a while. I have doubts as to whether the baby is truly his, but who knows, maybe he waited to tell everyone when the baby was tested and he was sure it was his. He won't return my phone call (yes, I was nice and just said that I'd missed his call and to call me back), and Mom was the one who told me this lovely news last night. He can barely afford his rent. I have no idea if he's planning on marrying this girl or living with her, or what. He has fucked himself most righteously.
My Nana just gave me a check for $500 and told me to use it to pay off my credit card that I put my tuition on. My Nana is love. Thank you Nana.



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