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I have about 1300 words of part ix of Those Left Behind done. It was hard to write more than a few words at a time a week ago, but now, it's like it was before I left and came back from Ohio--things are finally flowing and the words are just spilling out. I love that feeling.

I have the outline for the rest of the story written, too. Looking at this outline, I'm starting to think that there will either be 10 parts total, with a possible epilogue, or a reallllly long part 9 with an epilogue. I have a feeling it will end up being 10 parts with an epilogue. Sherlock and John are talking and they won't shut up. :)

In real life news, I have to go down to OU later today for a big scholarship interview. It's one that's given by the library school, and it's a really cool thing. I had to reschedule this interview because I had to go home for Papaw, so it's finally happening tomorrow. If I get it, I could get my tuition next year paid for, a book stipend, and maybe some travel money to go to a conference next year. Totally awesome.

This thing I'm writing/proofreading/reorganizing for my uncle is driving me crazy. He just dumped two other proofreading projects (both of which were long-one was 18 pages, the other 58 pages) that he had to have back immediately. So I had to stop working on the first, bigger project I'm working on for him and edit these two documents. Ugh. I don't mind the work, but it's really annoying when I get an 18 page document emailed to me at 2 PM and am told he needs it back by 7 PM that same night. Good thing I was home and at my computer when he sent it so I could get started right away.

I am doing a lot better now, re: losing Papaw. I have to say that we honestly weren't expecting him to live as long as he did (he'd been on dialysis and had 0 kidney function for 5 years)--after he went on dialysis, we weren't expecting him to live past 3 years. So it was expected, which makes it slightly easier to bear, and getting to see him one last time really helped. Being back home in Oklahoma helps too, since I'm 800 miles away from the drama and can process things in peace.
Didn't get the Writing Center AD job. This really blows since it would've guaranteed me a job over the summer. And the person who most likely got it might be leaving next year since her husband will be going to law school. So, maybe there's hope that she won't take it, or that it'll open up later.

I'm really more upset about this than I should be. :-(
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New layout! The grey was just getting too depressing now that it's getting closer to spring.

I also have determined that I hate grading papers. Getting almost 200 of them in two days really sucks. But I've only got about 40 more to grade and then I'm done with this batch.

Beth called me last night and dropped a bombshell--she might get a PhD after all. She's out at Emerson College right now about to finish her MFA in creative writing, and she saw a pamphlet for the University of Bath's (in England) PhD prgram. She said she won't do it right away, but that she might take a year off and then do it.

I'm going to Florida to see Mom on March 17. I foolishly am going to be there for 9 days; I'm sure we'll be tearing each other's hair out well before then. Or maybe I will be in secret. It'll be nice to see her though; I haven't gotten to spend anytime with her since she moved to Florida two or so years ago. She came up for our wedding last year, but I was so busy I didn't get to spend much time with her.

Love my V-Day gift--it's a low-profile keyboard for my Mac. I love it--it's so much easier to type on--and my typing's getting a bit better since there's space between the keys so my fingers aren't tempted to hit two keys at once.

Back to the trenches--I mean, grading.
My husband is the bestest, sweetest, cutest husband ever. Our one-year wedding anniversary is coming up, and he went shopping today. He came home with something that I'm not allowed to peek at, but then he gave me something else just for fun.....

I got a toy! I haven't had a toy since I was like, 12. He got me a Wall-E figure. He has a little fire extinguisher and he can move forwards and backwards! And I can make his head move! It's the coolest thing ever and I am so happy! Wall-E is now sitting right in front of my Mac holding his little fire extinguisher. Seriously, I've been walking around like this :D for the past half-hour. It's the little things that make me happy. :D :D

Now, off to grade the last portfolios.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!


Nov. 25th, 2008 07:08 pm
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I've managed to catch Matt's cold. My throat is killing me, and I'm going to be so mad if I'm too stuffed up to taste Thanksgiving dinner.

But! I've only got one more class' worth of portfolios to grade and then I'm done! At least two of my students didn't even bother to turn in a final portfolio, so they've failed the course. And I know I said I'd never teach 5 classes in one quarter again......but I have 5 classes next quarter. However, 4 of the five are the same class, so I won't have to do much planning, especially since I've taught this class many many many times before.

I got my s4 DVDs, and I have yet to watch the last 3 episodes of the series because they make me so sad. Poor Donna. D:

I've officially applied to Ball State, Oklahoma State, Marquette, and Illinois State for PhD programs. Just need to get the final draft of my personal statement done and looked at and I should be ready to send my stuff.
If not, go vote!

I only had to wait about 10 minutes in line for the polls today, which is awesome.

Still need to make final determinations of where I'm applying and get a list of addresses to my letter writers. Now thinking of applying at Marquette, U of Wisconsin, U of Indiana-Bloomington, and a few others.

Lots of the first year TAs have been coming to my ENG 101 class and observing me teach. I get glowing reviews from them, but it's still nerve-wracking and kinda scary, especially since these reviews go to my boss. What's even scarier is that it was only two! TWO! years ago that I was doing those exact same observations. I feel all grown up now.

Quarter's almost over--hallelujah! I will never teach 5 classes at once again. The sheer amount of grading I've done this quarter is mind-boggling.

And as for the DW news, I'm still a bit in denial. But, I think, everything will be fine in the end.

For a fun question: on Ravelry's Doctor Who group, there's a meme going around:

Things you've learned from Doctor Who.

So, my fellow Whovians, what have you learned from Doctor Who? Pass it on!

I have learned that impossible is just a word, not a finality. I've also learned never to give up hope, even when everything seems impossible.
It's rather funny to see everyone at WSU's English dept. wandering around like zombies, clutching gigantic mugs of coffee and generally grunting instead of speaking. Oh, first week of class, how I love thee. Most of my classes seem pretty cool: 101 is quiet (it's 8:30, so that's fine), UVC is small and also a little quiet, but at least they asked questions, 131 (business writing) is silent, 112 is awesome, and I'm going to end up strangling my developmental class before too long.

I really need to start looking at PhD programs again. So far I know I'm going to apply to U of Glasgow, U of Edinburgh, Oklahoma State, and Marquette, but I don't where else yet. Really don't want to take the Lit GRE again, so I'm trying to avoid schools that require it. That test was made of evil.

In other news, my birthday was Monday, and I got a set of Boye interchangeable knitting needles and Series 1 and Series 3 of Doctor Who!

I also need to preorder Series 4 of Doctor Who. It's available at amazon for $65, so I just might do it. Comes out Nov. 18? 16? Something like that.

Still need to plan class for Monday. Ick.
So now I'm teaching five, yes, FIVE classes this fall. I have two out at Sinclair and 3 at Wright State.

I'm teaching: Business Writing, Research Writing, Developmental English, Intro to Academic Writing, and a College Study Skills class. o.o

I think I must thrive on stress or something. However, the Study Skills class is a joke, and it's once a week for an hour. No real work involved, and no grading. The rest of them are going to be grading-heavy classes. Ugh.

I will not kill my students. I will not kill my students. I will not kill my students.

Almost done planning classes. Just need to finish schedules for two and tweak the syllabus for one.

And I am so mad at Sinclair's Adjunct coordinator right now. I sent my HR paperwork over on Friday. It was supposed to be sent to HR that day and processed on Tuesday. I called today to see if it had been done yet. Oh no. The lady just sent my paperwork to HR today and now I won't be in the system until Friday. School starts on Monday. I have to have access to the secure files on the English Dept. page and I can't get to them until Friday. So, if I have to make major changes to my two syllabi/schedules. I will have to do it over the weekend and I will be one very pissed off Sarah. Rawr! Why can't people just do what they said they'd do? /rant
This is one amazing review of Doctor Who's season 4. The reviewer tells Donna her story, and what she should do to remember it. Gorgeous stuff. Go read it.

And I did get my classes at Sinclair, so yay money!

I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice. Yes, I managed to get through both an MA and a BA in English Lit and not read P & P. I read Emma instead. I loved the P & P movie with Keira Knightley in it, and I'm loving the book so far. I also picked up a book by one of my favorite authors, Sebastian Faulks, at the library. I grabbed his novel Charlotte Gray, which I am really looking forward to reading.

Still need to finish planning 3 of my four classes. I'm not sure how I'm going to adapt my research writing class down to only 2 and a half hours a week instead of a full three, but I'll manage.


Aug. 20th, 2008 01:51 pm
I have a job! Well, technically, four jobs! Yaaaay!!!

I'm teaching 4 different classes this fall; two at Wright State and (hopefully) two at Sinclair. I have to go in for a less than formal interview at Sinclair tomorrow, but she told he to bring my stuff to fill out HR forms, so it sounds like I've already got the job and this "interview" is really just a formality. I feel soooo much better now that I've got work.

And we're going to the library today, so hooray for books.

I'm going to be running around like an idiot for the next few weeks as I try to pull together 4 classes before September 8 (which, incidentally, is my birthday, and is also the day classes start). But all but one of these classes are in the morning, so I'll still have lots of time to grade. And I have tons of stuff to pull from for three of these classes so it shouldn't be too hard. Remind me I said that later on.... The one consolation prize is that I'm not taking any classes of my own, which should make my life sooo much easier and less stressful.


Aug. 12th, 2008 10:13 pm
Having two of your three best friends not be in the same state anymore sucks. Beth's lived in Boston for almost three years now (god, how time's flown) and Karen, who I saw every single day for two years and is really like a sister to me is gone to Oklahoma. I've gotten used to Beth not being here and she and I talk at least once a month for hours. I just got to talk to Karen for the first time since she moved and now I'm sitting here crying because it just hit me that I won't get to see her until Christmas. It feels so weird not being able to sit in our office and gossip and talk about books until we turn blue. I really really miss her, and it was so hard for both us to talk because I don't think either of us realized how hard it was going to be until she was gone. I miss my buddy. :'(

But in some good news, I do have a job. I will likely be teaching a developmental writing class this fall. The pay's crap, but it's teaching and it's money. And hopefully someone out there will take pity on me and hire me for a full time job.

I think I'll apply to Oklahoma State next year. Karen said I'd love it there, and I'm sure I would. If I can scrape together the money, I would love to go visit her sometime and see the campus for myself.


Jun. 9th, 2007 11:49 am
Smeagol is free!!

School's done and over. I got all of my students' portfolios graded and turned in my last paper.

So far, I got an A in my teaching seminar class and an A in my Lit. Theory class. Still waiting on my Beats seminar grade. I got a B on the paper :( but I'm hoping that I'll still get an A with the other points I got in the class.

I now need to go find a job. I have a feeling I'll end up at Kohl's again, if only because I know they'll work around my schedule. Since I'm going to be gone for 5 days and have a two week period where I can only work nights and I have to leave on August 23, I think I'll be better off going somewhere where I won't need training and will have people who know me. I just don't want to go back.

I've gotten on another baking kick. I made homemade blueberry muffins (with real blueberries!) earlier this week and I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate glaze last night. Mmmm. We need to eat the cupcakes before I make anything else though.

Need to call Mom. She and Paul have now moved to Florida and she's finally gotten hired on at Bed Bath and Beyond. She starts on Wednesday. I haven't talked to her in several days, which is odd since she normally calls me twice a day since she's bored and lonely.

I'm bored too. I guess I could work on some things for 102 next fall since everything's still fresh from this quarter. Hmm.

Oh! Sarah's reading list for the summer:

Lisey's Story by Stephen King
The Children of Hurin by Tolkien
Brideshead Revisted by Evelyn Waugh
Dark Tower Series by Stephen King (I usually reread this over the summer)
Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Any Neil Gaiman I can get my hands on
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
TIme's Arrow
That book by Connie Wallis Dr. Loranger told me about
Book of Lost Tales 1 & 2 by Tolkien
Lost Road & Other Writings by Tolkien
Read for Independent Paper
Saturday by Ian McEwan
Reread Chronicles of Narnia
Reread The Stand?
Of course, if I was motivated, I'd go buy the books for my Fall quarter classes and read those.

There are some other books that I want to read but I've totally blanked on them now.

PS: I totally hate the new logged-in LJ main page. Ugh. Too cluttered for me. I liked the old, simple one better.
--Write 704 paper (6 pages)
--Write 702 paper (10 pages)
--Grade 102 portfolios

Nana and Papaw are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday. They're having a party then, and all of us are going to help facilitate. It'll be fun, but it means that I've lost an entire weekend to work on my 702 paper since I'll be gone all day Sunday and Saturday for Matt's grandma's/dad's birthday celebration.

My Beats class went to Dr. Guthrie's house last night for food, wine, and paper presentations. I was rather nervous about how I did, and was a little disappointed to learn that he hadn't graded them yet. What he did last night, though, was rather neat. He sat us down and read our papers aloud, giving us verbal commentary as he went. It was really cool to see how he thinks as he's grading; it was a good way to gain some insight into the professorial mindset. From what he said to me, I think I may have managed to get an A, but I'll see what I got later this week.

I feel like Eowyn looks in my icon: tired, in despair of getting this quarter done and over with, in love, and wanting a cuddle right about now. Matt's at work right now, so I have to wait on the cuddle until 10:15 or so.

Still need to go job hunting for the summer. I haven't the time to go hunting yet, but I know of some places that are hiring. I may go apply on Friday or Monday, depending upon how much of my work I've gotten done.
but it's been a month since I have.

I just went and picked up my wedding ring today! It's white gold, with 5 equal sized roud diamonds in a line, total carat weight 1/2 carat. It's so purty!

I just found out I'm not working for Mead again this summer, which really blows since I really really need the money so we can pay for wedding and honeymoon and rent and bills and such. Grrr. At least I get a raise next year as a TA.

I'm also the new EGO secretary. EGO=English Graduate Organization. It'll look good on my CV, and it'll be a lot of fun. I get to hang with all the cool nerdy kids.

I have 3 papers and a presentation to do before June 5. 1 paper and the presentation are due on Tues. the 22nd and the other 2 papers are due on June 5. Ick.

Ummm....oh yeah! John called me a few weeks ago and told us that they wouldn't be able to fly over for our wedding, so he's flying us to Scotland for our honeymoon, and then they'll meet us there on Dec. 14th. We're getting married on the 1st. I nearly fainted when he told us that. So Matt and I have a trip to plan on top of everything else. John hasn't been to Scotland in a loooong time, and only on business for a few days, so we're being counted on to help plan what to do/where to go/etc. I can't wait!
Both Matt and I have managed to catch colds at the exact same time. He has the stuffy nose version and I have the sore throat/coughing version. He went to the doctor today and got meds so he feels a bit better. Since I'm currently miserable and hacking up a lung, he went out and bought me cough drops and a cookie and hot chocolate from our local coffee place. He's the bestest ever. And he's mine and I'm not sharing. <3

We've also gotten almost all of our shopping done. He needs to get one last thing for his dad and I have to get one last thing for Papaw. I'm excited because John, Olga, and Lela are coming in this Christmas from Azerbaijan and I haven't gotten to see them in a couple years. I may get to see them tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then Saturday for sure.

Also, w00t for getting to go to lunch at PF Chang's with everyone at Mead AND getting to go home at 3:30 instead of 5.

*toddles off to cough some more*
I have been a bad girl and done some serious retail therapy. I now have 2 online orders coming my way (LUSH and Skindazzles), and I bought 2 new pairs of shoes (but I needed those), a book, 2 sweaters, and I preordered The Two Towers Complete Soundtrack!!! I am so excited! However, the price is absolutely ridiculous. It's $60.99 on Amazon. Yes, that's 60 bucks. O_O But I used a $35 gift cert from my Dad so it wasn't so bad. It should be here right around the middle of November.

I am also so excited that the end of the quarter is almost here. I only have to teach 5 more classes. I have 2 701 classes left and 4 more 703 classes. But then I get to grade 23 portfolios, which have 4 pieces in them. That's 92 papers. ;_; And I have to grade them within a week. November 15-22 is NOT going to be fun.

And then.....Winter Break!!! Which means working at Mead, planning for next quarter, and reading for fun!
Whew! My grade was fixed, and I graduated! My diploma should be ready for me to pick up sometime this week!

Have jury duty this week-ugh. When I called to see if I had to go in or if the trial had been cancelled, they said not to come in today but call tonight for tomorrow. So I decided that since work already knew I wasn't going to be there this week, I wouldn't go in, so I'm doing laundry, re-installing my bathroom's space saver over the loo thingy once we get a new drill, and hanging curtains. Woo!
I am teaching 1 class next quarter! I signed up for it today! It's English 101 section 26, from 1:30-2:35 Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Holy crap that makes it seem so much more real. *does half gleeful, half terrified dance*

Honours project: 14 pages done of 30 required. I am fucked.

I also have an interview for an editorial internship with MeadWestvaco for the summer. It's tomorrow at 4. If I get it, they'll pay me $12/hour!!! I make $12/hour with both my jobs COMBINED. And if i get it, I can tell Kohl's to either kiss my ass or only work on the weekends but make sure they alternate them. Wish me luck cause this will make my life and financial situation so much easier this summer.

Finally, we have acquired a resident gosling. One of my roommates found it and brought it home, and it cheeps so LOUD. >.< She's taking it home to her parents' farm on Mother's Day, but until then it's living in a box in our common room. And it keeps trying to escape.
I got accepted to grad school. \o/ Granted, I all but knew I was, so it's not surprising, but still.

However, it's provisional until they get the proof that I graduated, which they won't have until June, so technically they have to reapprove me after they get proof. But that will not be a problem.

I also tutored for 3 hours straight this morning and 2 hours this afternoon, and 1 hour this evening. I hate walk in week. My throat hurts.
Today was the last day that I had to work until midnight. *choir sings Hallelujah* We were super busy, and I know it's going to be horrible tomorrow when I go out so I can buy Christmas presents for the few people I have money to buy for.

Going home to Mom's tomorrow after shopping so I can be there for Christmas Eve/Day.

Am so wired right now and I should be dead to the world. Need sleep.



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