New job starts tomorrow. *nervous flailing* It's been a long long long long time since I worked 8-5, and my sleep schedule is so wonky that it'll be a wonder if I sleep at all tonight. >.<

I am so glad this stupid class I'm taking is almost over. I have to write one more section on my last paper, take the final exam, and write 2 more discussion posts this week. I wrote a really nasty evaluation for this professor--I hate doing it, but waiting for 4 weeks to get feedback on our papers (I wrote three papers during this six week class, not counting the one I haven't turned in yet, and I haven't gotten a grade or feedback on a single one. The class ends on the 9th. Ridiculous.) is unacceptable.

I need to call our local theatre about HP 7 2 tickets. Can't wait to see this!

Matt and I are going to see the DCI show in Broken Arrow on the 20th. I might come back partially deaf or with ringing eardrums, but it will be so worth it. Why, yes, I AM still a marching band nerd, thankyouverymuch. :)

And I have 2800 words of Part xi of Those Left Behind done. It's ridiculously schmoopy (there are bees! and other things!) and I'm having a lot of fun writing it. I'll be sad to let this story go--it's been amazing writing it. I'm hoping to get part xi up by the weekend.
I have a job interview on Wednesday! It's for a position in the interlibrary services dept. at OSU's library. Full time, benefits, no more grading, vacation, etc. Think good vibes for me!

I'll respond to comments on part ix of Those Left Behind today or tomorrow--I got busy and still am busy (writing paper for the summer class on collection development I'm taking)--it's taken way too long to respond.

Speaking of Those Left Behind, I do have a little bit of part x written! I also have an idea for my [ profile] thegameison_sh fic that's due at the end of the month, so I need to write that, too.

The next planned fic I have is a WWI AU for Sherlock, based loosely on Pat Barker's novel, Regeneration. It's one of my favorite books and I'm really excited to start planning this one out and getting an outline done.

Finally, I got my copy of the DVD of pictures they played at Papaw's viewing. Sometime here over the weekend or early next week, I want to see if I can't cap and post a few pictures here.

OK. Must write paper. Now. I'm really going, I swear.... *cracks knuckles*
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I have about 1300 words of part ix of Those Left Behind done. It was hard to write more than a few words at a time a week ago, but now, it's like it was before I left and came back from Ohio--things are finally flowing and the words are just spilling out. I love that feeling.

I have the outline for the rest of the story written, too. Looking at this outline, I'm starting to think that there will either be 10 parts total, with a possible epilogue, or a reallllly long part 9 with an epilogue. I have a feeling it will end up being 10 parts with an epilogue. Sherlock and John are talking and they won't shut up. :)

In real life news, I have to go down to OU later today for a big scholarship interview. It's one that's given by the library school, and it's a really cool thing. I had to reschedule this interview because I had to go home for Papaw, so it's finally happening tomorrow. If I get it, I could get my tuition next year paid for, a book stipend, and maybe some travel money to go to a conference next year. Totally awesome.

This thing I'm writing/proofreading/reorganizing for my uncle is driving me crazy. He just dumped two other proofreading projects (both of which were long-one was 18 pages, the other 58 pages) that he had to have back immediately. So I had to stop working on the first, bigger project I'm working on for him and edit these two documents. Ugh. I don't mind the work, but it's really annoying when I get an 18 page document emailed to me at 2 PM and am told he needs it back by 7 PM that same night. Good thing I was home and at my computer when he sent it so I could get started right away.

I am doing a lot better now, re: losing Papaw. I have to say that we honestly weren't expecting him to live as long as he did (he'd been on dialysis and had 0 kidney function for 5 years)--after he went on dialysis, we weren't expecting him to live past 3 years. So it was expected, which makes it slightly easier to bear, and getting to see him one last time really helped. Being back home in Oklahoma helps too, since I'm 800 miles away from the drama and can process things in peace.
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Off home to Ohio tomorrow, so merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!

I got all As this semester!

And I will never let Matt leave a cutting board on the counter again. he managed to get turkey juice under the board. I didn't know this until today--and the last time we had turkey was a few days after Thanksgiving. OMG the SMELL! I have my countertop covered in vinegar-soaked rags, and I hope like hell this will get the unholy stench off my counter. ugh. I seriously gagged and nearly threw up when I lifted up that cutting board. Needless to say, the board's in the trash.

I really really want a Kindle. Might have to buy one after Xmas.
The semester's almost over! I only have one more (easy) paper to write (due Thurs) and a final to study for (also Thurs). Then, I have to read and grade 35 exams, which is far less than last year, and it's only one self-assessment, so it won't be involved grading either.

I really hope I can pull an A in this modern epic class. I just turned in my 20 page paper Tues., and I really hope I get an A on it. *crosses fingers* I'd really hate to break my perfect never-gotten-anything-less-than-an-A-in-English-classes-since-kindergarten record.

I hate allergies. That is all.
Didn't get the Writing Center AD job. This really blows since it would've guaranteed me a job over the summer. And the person who most likely got it might be leaving next year since her husband will be going to law school. So, maybe there's hope that she won't take it, or that it'll open up later.

I'm really more upset about this than I should be. :-(
I got out of 5013!!!! Hooray! Now I get to take 2 classes that interest me next semester, instead of suffering through the ridiculously hard class that is a repeat of the equally hard research methods and lit. theory classes I took at Wright State.

So much to do, though, omg.
Hooray! I got an A- on my Pound paper that I was absolutely terrified of getting back.

I'm also still waiting on the result of my petition to get out of the research methods/theory course I have to take. Really really really hope I get out of this class.

Matt's new job starts next Monday. He's hoping his last day at the RC can be Thursday so he can have a few days off so we can go to OKC and get my wedding band fixed. I lost (and found!) one of the diamonds out of it, and I haven't been wearing it for about 2 weeks now, and I miss my pretty ring. :-(
Matt got his new job! He's now working for the catering company on campus and has better (read: normal) hours, better pay, benefits, etc. I get to see my hubby for more than an hour a day! Hooray!

I also finally finished knitting Rose's gloves/wristwarmers she wears during Bad Wolf Bay in Doomsday. I feel rather accomplished since it only took me a *cough*year*cough* to finish them. I love the way they feel, but the right thumb's a bit tight.

Melody is coming over Saturday for dinner and a knit night to help us relax after all the stress of school. This is our "fall break," which is really just a three day weekend, so it'll be nice to relax a bit after all the grading and work I have to do this weekend. And Scott and LuElla want to go out Sunday night to celebrate Matt's new job, so I really need to get in gear. The only thing I must get done this weekend is grading essays from both of my classes. I do need to start doing research for both of my papers that are due in a month and a half and two months. Might wait on my Modern Epic paper's research until I see how terribly I did on my first paper that I'm supposed to get back on Tuesday since I kinda wanted to keep working on that topic.

I already have a bad feeling about my students' next essay assignment. I just wrote the assignment sheet, and even though I'm trying to be as clear as possible, I just have a funny feeling about this one. Compare/contrast essays are hard to write.


Sep. 10th, 2009 03:49 pm
So my next few years just got made:


Seriously, this is AWESOME. In order to start my dissertation, I would have to take and pass a foreign language exam, which means translating 600 words in a foreign lang. to English in 1 1/2 hours (for mastery of the lang.) or translate 600 words in 2 langs. in 3 hours to show reading knowledge. Both tests allow you to have a dictionary. But since I took 2 upper-division Spanish courses as an undergrad and got As in both, I have already been given mastery of Spanish, so I don't have to take the foreign language exam! Woohoo! I can take the test in Old English if I don't get reading knowledge from the OE Lang and Lit course I took as a grad student if I want to, but it's not necessary.

That's one thing off my shoulders.

And I might get out of the really hard research methods course that I'm required to take because I have taken a very similar, equally hard course at Wright State, so that would be great. I have to give them the course syllabus and my coursework and they'll decide from there.

Matt hates his job (more than I realize, I suspect) and is really anxious to hear if he got the much easier, better paying job with benefits and vacation etc he interviewed for. He's supposed to find out Monday.

I can get lots of books with my birthday money, although some of it's going to get jeans. Nana bought me 4 books and Dad gave me an Amazon gc. Matt's mom and aunt gave me checks so I can jeans, books, and yarn! Yay!
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I've moved to Oklahoma (13 hour drive with 2 cats in my car and Matt driving the Uhaul with a car hitched to the back and the third cat--I will never do that again) and am 2 1/2 weeks into my PhD program at OK State.

The "teaching seminar" I'm taking is a joke and the Modern Epic class is not really my cup of tea. Oh, well.

Like our new apartment, but having to give up my washer and dryer for a laundry facility kinda sucks. Laundry's heavy. :(

Stillwater is nice, small, but nice. We've had to get used to not having a mall around--the nearest one's in Edmond, which is an hour away. In fact, almost everything's an hour away--there's no electronic stores or a kitchen/bath store or a Target (which I miss!) here in town. But we do have 2 Super Walmarts, so go figure.
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New layout! The grey was just getting too depressing now that it's getting closer to spring.

I also have determined that I hate grading papers. Getting almost 200 of them in two days really sucks. But I've only got about 40 more to grade and then I'm done with this batch.

Beth called me last night and dropped a bombshell--she might get a PhD after all. She's out at Emerson College right now about to finish her MFA in creative writing, and she saw a pamphlet for the University of Bath's (in England) PhD prgram. She said she won't do it right away, but that she might take a year off and then do it.

I'm going to Florida to see Mom on March 17. I foolishly am going to be there for 9 days; I'm sure we'll be tearing each other's hair out well before then. Or maybe I will be in secret. It'll be nice to see her though; I haven't gotten to spend anytime with her since she moved to Florida two or so years ago. She came up for our wedding last year, but I was so busy I didn't get to spend much time with her.

Love my V-Day gift--it's a low-profile keyboard for my Mac. I love it--it's so much easier to type on--and my typing's getting a bit better since there's space between the keys so my fingers aren't tempted to hit two keys at once.

Back to the trenches--I mean, grading.


Jan. 17th, 2009 04:39 pm
*taps mic*



That is all. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

*glee!* :D :D


Nov. 25th, 2008 07:08 pm
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I've managed to catch Matt's cold. My throat is killing me, and I'm going to be so mad if I'm too stuffed up to taste Thanksgiving dinner.

But! I've only got one more class' worth of portfolios to grade and then I'm done! At least two of my students didn't even bother to turn in a final portfolio, so they've failed the course. And I know I said I'd never teach 5 classes in one quarter again......but I have 5 classes next quarter. However, 4 of the five are the same class, so I won't have to do much planning, especially since I've taught this class many many many times before.

I got my s4 DVDs, and I have yet to watch the last 3 episodes of the series because they make me so sad. Poor Donna. D:

I've officially applied to Ball State, Oklahoma State, Marquette, and Illinois State for PhD programs. Just need to get the final draft of my personal statement done and looked at and I should be ready to send my stuff.
If not, go vote!

I only had to wait about 10 minutes in line for the polls today, which is awesome.

Still need to make final determinations of where I'm applying and get a list of addresses to my letter writers. Now thinking of applying at Marquette, U of Wisconsin, U of Indiana-Bloomington, and a few others.

Lots of the first year TAs have been coming to my ENG 101 class and observing me teach. I get glowing reviews from them, but it's still nerve-wracking and kinda scary, especially since these reviews go to my boss. What's even scarier is that it was only two! TWO! years ago that I was doing those exact same observations. I feel all grown up now.

Quarter's almost over--hallelujah! I will never teach 5 classes at once again. The sheer amount of grading I've done this quarter is mind-boggling.

And as for the DW news, I'm still a bit in denial. But, I think, everything will be fine in the end.

For a fun question: on Ravelry's Doctor Who group, there's a meme going around:

Things you've learned from Doctor Who.

So, my fellow Whovians, what have you learned from Doctor Who? Pass it on!

I have learned that impossible is just a word, not a finality. I've also learned never to give up hope, even when everything seems impossible.

-Find an article for text analysis for 101
-Write a quick checklist/grp work for ad analysis
-write a campus resource activity if not sent

this weekend:
-make TA 1 assgn sheet
-grade dev discovery drafts
-plan classes for monday
-grade 112 summaries
-grade 101 journals


-pay helzberg bill
-pay citi bill
It's rather funny to see everyone at WSU's English dept. wandering around like zombies, clutching gigantic mugs of coffee and generally grunting instead of speaking. Oh, first week of class, how I love thee. Most of my classes seem pretty cool: 101 is quiet (it's 8:30, so that's fine), UVC is small and also a little quiet, but at least they asked questions, 131 (business writing) is silent, 112 is awesome, and I'm going to end up strangling my developmental class before too long.

I really need to start looking at PhD programs again. So far I know I'm going to apply to U of Glasgow, U of Edinburgh, Oklahoma State, and Marquette, but I don't where else yet. Really don't want to take the Lit GRE again, so I'm trying to avoid schools that require it. That test was made of evil.

In other news, my birthday was Monday, and I got a set of Boye interchangeable knitting needles and Series 1 and Series 3 of Doctor Who!

I also need to preorder Series 4 of Doctor Who. It's available at amazon for $65, so I just might do it. Comes out Nov. 18? 16? Something like that.

Still need to plan class for Monday. Ick.
So now I'm teaching five, yes, FIVE classes this fall. I have two out at Sinclair and 3 at Wright State.

I'm teaching: Business Writing, Research Writing, Developmental English, Intro to Academic Writing, and a College Study Skills class. o.o

I think I must thrive on stress or something. However, the Study Skills class is a joke, and it's once a week for an hour. No real work involved, and no grading. The rest of them are going to be grading-heavy classes. Ugh.

I will not kill my students. I will not kill my students. I will not kill my students.

Almost done planning classes. Just need to finish schedules for two and tweak the syllabus for one.

And I am so mad at Sinclair's Adjunct coordinator right now. I sent my HR paperwork over on Friday. It was supposed to be sent to HR that day and processed on Tuesday. I called today to see if it had been done yet. Oh no. The lady just sent my paperwork to HR today and now I won't be in the system until Friday. School starts on Monday. I have to have access to the secure files on the English Dept. page and I can't get to them until Friday. So, if I have to make major changes to my two syllabi/schedules. I will have to do it over the weekend and I will be one very pissed off Sarah. Rawr! Why can't people just do what they said they'd do? /rant


Aug. 20th, 2008 01:51 pm
I have a job! Well, technically, four jobs! Yaaaay!!!

I'm teaching 4 different classes this fall; two at Wright State and (hopefully) two at Sinclair. I have to go in for a less than formal interview at Sinclair tomorrow, but she told he to bring my stuff to fill out HR forms, so it sounds like I've already got the job and this "interview" is really just a formality. I feel soooo much better now that I've got work.

And we're going to the library today, so hooray for books.

I'm going to be running around like an idiot for the next few weeks as I try to pull together 4 classes before September 8 (which, incidentally, is my birthday, and is also the day classes start). But all but one of these classes are in the morning, so I'll still have lots of time to grade. And I have tons of stuff to pull from for three of these classes so it shouldn't be too hard. Remind me I said that later on.... The one consolation prize is that I'm not taking any classes of my own, which should make my life sooo much easier and less stressful.


Nov. 3rd, 2007 09:29 pm
So, I took the LIterature GRE today. It sucked. Hardcore. However, Miami University has a beautiful campus, so I'm glad I applied there for PhD school.

To do before Nov. 16:
-Write 720 cover letter
-Respond to her questions on 720 responses
-Finish 610 paper
-Finish 720 paper
-Write rough draft of statement of purpose
-Study for 610 Final
-Study for General GRE mostly done
-Take General GRE
-Grade papers
-Grade portfolios
-Get transcripts sent out

Can't wait for my RotK soundtrack to get here! Only another week or so!



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