Note to self: taking 3 grad classes at once while teaching is Not. Fun. and leads to breakdowns over hitting the wrong button when swiping your debit card.

Tuesday has now become the worst day of the week ever. Until May 10, I have class from 2:30-9:30 SOLID with no breaks. I get 10 minutes between each class, which I use to race from building to building to get to class on time. I come home absolutely exhausted, both physically and mentally, and then I have to get up at 7:30 am on Wed. so I can be showered and at school by 10. This includes leaving my house at 9:10 to get to school in time to hunt down a parking spot and make it to the Writing Center by 9:50.

I did find out something interesting today though. Miami Uni. of Ohio counts your PhD's foreign language requirement to be filled if you got a B or above in 2 undergraduate 200 level or above FL classes. I got A's in every single Spanish class I took, except 1. And I took 2 300 level classes that I aced. Woo! There's something about possibly needing a second language, which I'm thinking of doing Old English for if I need to. You only have to have a reading comprehension, and I think you get to have a dictionary, so I'd be set since I do know OE pretty well.

I seriously need to make up an Excel spreadsheet with all the schools I'm interested in with all of the stuff I need to apply, how much it costs, etc. So much info. *brain essplode*

Ooh, lightning and thunder. BOOM!
Class is going too well. I'm scared for the train wreck I'm sure is coming. However, my students chose some really interesting topics, so I'm excited to read these papers.

John's in town until Sunday. Matt and I went up to Nana's last night and we all had dinner, then John decided he wanted to go see a movie. So we drove down to the Greene and saw 300. (More on that later). Then, he decided he wanted to see Blades of Glory (which is HILARIOUS and you should go see it) RIGHT AFTER we saw 300, so I was in the theater from 7-11:30 last night. I've never seen two movies back to back like that in the theater, and since John hates sitting though previews, we had to sit up front both times. I still have a headache.

Matt got to sit in on my class yesterday. I was a little nervous that I'd get distracted, but I honestly almost forgot he was there, which is a good thing. Anyway, after we got done with class, we went ring shopping! Thursday, when Mom and Paul were here, they got their rings inspected, and Matt started looking at rings for him. He saw a beautiful Tungsten ring, which is big and broad and looks fantastic on him. Friday, we went to Helzberg and I put my ring on hold. It's a half-carat, 5 stone ring, white gold, prong setting. It's perfect and it looks so nice with my engagement ring (esp. since my engagement ring has 5 stones too). It's the only one I've found that I like, since everything now is channel set, and I hate channel set diamonds. The catch is that it's $800, which is really more than I wanted to spend, but everything else I've looked at looks so cheap and cloudy. I know that of everything for my wedding, this is the one thing I shouldn't scrimp on since I'll be wearing it for the rest of my life, but I still get nervous about spending that much money, especially when we really need a second car.

I'm trying to do homework and reading for Tuesday's classes. I'm almost done reading, I just need to write a 500 word response to one of the readings.

I've also been spending far too much time re-reading all of [ profile] semaphore27's fic. And now I want to go back and re-re-read Lost, Found, Home, and This Is the Way the World Ends. But I must work. Woe.
First day of class. Ugh. At least today I only have to be there from 1-2:35 since I teach. Woohoo.

I wish I were still on break. :(
Matt finally applied to go to Sinclair for Culinary Arts next Fall. I'm so glad he finally applied because it means that he can get a better paying job here in the next couple years and we'll be better off financially.

I've been planning for 102 next quarter. It's a research-based writing class, and I am a lot more comfortable and familiar teaching research than I am teaching 101. 101 just seems so vague to me, but 102 has a more concrete structure. I'm looking forward to teaching next quarter. I'm in the same room I was in Fall quarter where all the monitors face away from me, but I know how to handle that, so it'll be better than last time.

I'm excited--I think Matt and I may go ring shopping this week, either tomorrow or Friday. Our wedding is coming up so fast! It's only 8 months away and I have so much to do still. Aaaargh!

But I made Snickerdoodle cookies tonight, so my house smells amazing. Mmm cookie...
the girl I was having so many problems with dropped my class!!!

She missed 6 classes and refused to turn anything in, even after I gave her an extension to turn in her papers. She had told me her mother had recently passed, so I told her she could have a couple extra days to turn things in. She never turned them in, and then she missed a conference with me. I emailed her and told her to drop my class because there was no way she'd pass with so many absences and with not turning anything in to me. She emailed me back and said she missed her conference because someone else had died (she said this was the 5th person in her family since September to pass), and she'd just give me her papers on Thurs the 25. She also claimed she couldn't drop my class because it would put her below full-time status. I emailed her again with a novel, telling her that these certain 8 reasons were why she should still drop my class. She didn't bother to come to class on Thursday, and when I checked my class list today, she's dropped! One less headache to deal with!

Right. Shower, here I come.

PS: Mom, I love you dearly, but when I say that if you call me, please don't call early. Yes, Mom, 8:30 AM is early. I was trying to sleep in, and you woke me up. Please to be calling no earlier than 10 AM.


Sep. 14th, 2006 10:41 pm
So after months of coveting one, I finally got a new iMac! It's so shiiiny.

*gazes at new compy adoringly*

In other news, I can just tell that my class tomorrow is going to be a complete disaster. *fear*
Class went very well. Now it's time to get through the rest of the quarter, and then I'll be fine.
I start teaching tomorrow. My class is from 1:30-2:35. I'm scared. Hold me.

Today was my last day at Mead until November. Am v. sad as I made some great friends and they are all such lovely, nice, supportive people there. Teacher training starts tomorrow. Am v. afraid.

In other news, my 19 y.o. fuckup brother has managed to get a girl pregnant. She's someone he used to work with at Bob Evans. She is 5 months along, and due December 20. He can barely afford his rent now. They don't live together, nor are they currently dating, as far as I know. He just told everyone yesterday, but supposedly he's know for quite a while. I have doubts as to whether the baby is truly his, but who knows, maybe he waited to tell everyone when the baby was tested and he was sure it was his. He won't return my phone call (yes, I was nice and just said that I'd missed his call and to call me back), and Mom was the one who told me this lovely news last night. He can barely afford his rent. I have no idea if he's planning on marrying this girl or living with her, or what. He has fucked himself most righteously.
I am teaching 1 class next quarter! I signed up for it today! It's English 101 section 26, from 1:30-2:35 Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Holy crap that makes it seem so much more real. *does half gleeful, half terrified dance*

Honours project: 14 pages done of 30 required. I am fucked.

I also have an interview for an editorial internship with MeadWestvaco for the summer. It's tomorrow at 4. If I get it, they'll pay me $12/hour!!! I make $12/hour with both my jobs COMBINED. And if i get it, I can tell Kohl's to either kiss my ass or only work on the weekends but make sure they alternate them. Wish me luck cause this will make my life and financial situation so much easier this summer.

Finally, we have acquired a resident gosling. One of my roommates found it and brought it home, and it cheeps so LOUD. >.< She's taking it home to her parents' farm on Mother's Day, but until then it's living in a box in our common room. And it keeps trying to escape.



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