I got out of 5013!!!! Hooray! Now I get to take 2 classes that interest me next semester, instead of suffering through the ridiculously hard class that is a repeat of the equally hard research methods and lit. theory classes I took at Wright State.

So much to do, though, omg.
Matt got his new job! He's now working for the catering company on campus and has better (read: normal) hours, better pay, benefits, etc. I get to see my hubby for more than an hour a day! Hooray!

I also finally finished knitting Rose's gloves/wristwarmers she wears during Bad Wolf Bay in Doomsday. I feel rather accomplished since it only took me a *cough*year*cough* to finish them. I love the way they feel, but the right thumb's a bit tight.

Melody is coming over Saturday for dinner and a knit night to help us relax after all the stress of school. This is our "fall break," which is really just a three day weekend, so it'll be nice to relax a bit after all the grading and work I have to do this weekend. And Scott and LuElla want to go out Sunday night to celebrate Matt's new job, so I really need to get in gear. The only thing I must get done this weekend is grading essays from both of my classes. I do need to start doing research for both of my papers that are due in a month and a half and two months. Might wait on my Modern Epic paper's research until I see how terribly I did on my first paper that I'm supposed to get back on Tuesday since I kinda wanted to keep working on that topic.

I already have a bad feeling about my students' next essay assignment. I just wrote the assignment sheet, and even though I'm trying to be as clear as possible, I just have a funny feeling about this one. Compare/contrast essays are hard to write.


Sep. 10th, 2009 03:49 pm
So my next few years just got made:


Seriously, this is AWESOME. In order to start my dissertation, I would have to take and pass a foreign language exam, which means translating 600 words in a foreign lang. to English in 1 1/2 hours (for mastery of the lang.) or translate 600 words in 2 langs. in 3 hours to show reading knowledge. Both tests allow you to have a dictionary. But since I took 2 upper-division Spanish courses as an undergrad and got As in both, I have already been given mastery of Spanish, so I don't have to take the foreign language exam! Woohoo! I can take the test in Old English if I don't get reading knowledge from the OE Lang and Lit course I took as a grad student if I want to, but it's not necessary.

That's one thing off my shoulders.

And I might get out of the really hard research methods course that I'm required to take because I have taken a very similar, equally hard course at Wright State, so that would be great. I have to give them the course syllabus and my coursework and they'll decide from there.

Matt hates his job (more than I realize, I suspect) and is really anxious to hear if he got the much easier, better paying job with benefits and vacation etc he interviewed for. He's supposed to find out Monday.

I can get lots of books with my birthday money, although some of it's going to get jeans. Nana bought me 4 books and Dad gave me an Amazon gc. Matt's mom and aunt gave me checks so I can jeans, books, and yarn! Yay!



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