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A few pictures of me and Papaw. Pardon the border around some of them--I was too lazy to crop the screencaps.

Papaw and me )


Sep. 16th, 2011 11:07 pm
So I just got done watching Third Star. And then I started thinking about Papaw and how much I never wanted him to suffer the way he did, and coupled with that movie I'm sitting here bawling and I. I just. I can't. James' closing words just before the credits was what really got me in the end. Gorgeous movie.

I miss you, Papaw.
I have a job interview on Wednesday! It's for a position in the interlibrary services dept. at OSU's library. Full time, benefits, no more grading, vacation, etc. Think good vibes for me!

I'll respond to comments on part ix of Those Left Behind today or tomorrow--I got busy and still am busy (writing paper for the summer class on collection development I'm taking)--it's taken way too long to respond.

Speaking of Those Left Behind, I do have a little bit of part x written! I also have an idea for my [ profile] thegameison_sh fic that's due at the end of the month, so I need to write that, too.

The next planned fic I have is a WWI AU for Sherlock, based loosely on Pat Barker's novel, Regeneration. It's one of my favorite books and I'm really excited to start planning this one out and getting an outline done.

Finally, I got my copy of the DVD of pictures they played at Papaw's viewing. Sometime here over the weekend or early next week, I want to see if I can't cap and post a few pictures here.

OK. Must write paper. Now. I'm really going, I swear.... *cracks knuckles*
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I have about 1300 words of part ix of Those Left Behind done. It was hard to write more than a few words at a time a week ago, but now, it's like it was before I left and came back from Ohio--things are finally flowing and the words are just spilling out. I love that feeling.

I have the outline for the rest of the story written, too. Looking at this outline, I'm starting to think that there will either be 10 parts total, with a possible epilogue, or a reallllly long part 9 with an epilogue. I have a feeling it will end up being 10 parts with an epilogue. Sherlock and John are talking and they won't shut up. :)

In real life news, I have to go down to OU later today for a big scholarship interview. It's one that's given by the library school, and it's a really cool thing. I had to reschedule this interview because I had to go home for Papaw, so it's finally happening tomorrow. If I get it, I could get my tuition next year paid for, a book stipend, and maybe some travel money to go to a conference next year. Totally awesome.

This thing I'm writing/proofreading/reorganizing for my uncle is driving me crazy. He just dumped two other proofreading projects (both of which were long-one was 18 pages, the other 58 pages) that he had to have back immediately. So I had to stop working on the first, bigger project I'm working on for him and edit these two documents. Ugh. I don't mind the work, but it's really annoying when I get an 18 page document emailed to me at 2 PM and am told he needs it back by 7 PM that same night. Good thing I was home and at my computer when he sent it so I could get started right away.

I am doing a lot better now, re: losing Papaw. I have to say that we honestly weren't expecting him to live as long as he did (he'd been on dialysis and had 0 kidney function for 5 years)--after he went on dialysis, we weren't expecting him to live past 3 years. So it was expected, which makes it slightly easier to bear, and getting to see him one last time really helped. Being back home in Oklahoma helps too, since I'm 800 miles away from the drama and can process things in peace.


May. 26th, 2011 01:21 am
This is really long and full of drama about my family. If you want to read about my Papaw and all the drama that happened after he passed on, click on the cut.

Papaw )

If you got through that, congrats!

I'm going to work on Those Left Behind soon--I'm working on something for my uncle which is taking up a lot of my time. I'm hoping to have part 9 up before the middle of next week.

If I get a chance, I'll scan and post one of my favourite pictures of me and Papaw sometime very soon. When I was younger, we used to get to walk to the corner store with Papaw and get a pack of those mini-donuts (the ones that 5 little donuts wrapped in cellophane) when we stayed the night at their house. We always went at night just after dinner so we could have the donuts for breakfast. After we walked back home, we would sit on their porch swing and open the donuts. I would have one, and Papaw would have one as his "fee." I'd have the other three for breakfast the next morning. This picture is of a very young me and Papaw on the porch swing after our donut excursion, and I'm feeding him his donut. I love this picture so much--it's just so us. I was Papaw's girl--I used to fall asleep on his chest when I was a baby. In fact, if I got fussy, it was the only way to calm me down--give me to Papaw, let him put me on his chest, and I was out like a light in less than a minute. We were very very close and I miss him so much.

Fuck, now I'm crying again. Love you, Papaw.


May. 14th, 2011 05:22 am
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My grandpa passed away very early this morning.
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I just found out today that my grandpa is going into hospice. So, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Tulsa to catch a 6 AM flight tomorrow back home to Ohio and won't be back until May 20th.

I will try to get on and reply to comments and such, but I likely won't be able to update Those Left Behind until after I get back.

Think good thoughts for me, please. My grandpa is like my dad to me, and I'm really going to miss him.
Papaw's surgery went really well today. He should be home tomorrow afternoon.

To do:

-Schedule appt w/ Jeannette re: cake order
-Start researching Phd programs
-Rewrite "Transient" for the fourth time
-Start rereading LotR
-Start rereading HP
-Email Cory about photography
-Call Lisa
-Look up things to do in Boston
-Make packing list for trip
-Call Dad re: trip
-Call Beth re: trip (ask her if I need to bring towel/pillow etc)
-Finish QVC story or write a new one
-Email future TAs to get WebCT logons
-Rework lesson plans for 102

American Gods was...interesting. I think I may need to read it with Wikipedia open the next time so I can look up obscure references.

I should not be this awake either. I got up at 7 to be at the hospital early, and I didn't sleep very well last night because it got so hot in the bedroom. I hate not having central air. When we got home from the hospital at 2, I came within 100 pages of finishing American Gods and then fell asleep for 2.5 hours. I must have slept really deeply and really hard, because Matt said I looked like shit when I finally woke up. Ugh. And now, it's 1130 and Matt has to be up at 830 so he can be at work in the morning, which means I'll be up then too. And since I'm wide awake, I probably won't fall asleep until 2 or 3. /whine
So. Papaw is in the hospital again, this time because his kidneys basically all but failed for good and he now has to go on dialysis about 3 months sooner than they thought. I can't go see him tonight, but I'm going tomorrow when I get off work at 2. He's doing okay, so I'm not as worried as I was last time, but I hope that stays true.

List of things to do for my reference:
1) Email and print poems
2) Buy folder for 392 portfolio
3) Grocery shopping
4) Write up comments for 3 stories
5) Write story
6) Do poetry response thingys for 392
7) Do my last few jounals for 392
9) Email U. of Edinburgh again about visiting
10) Register with US Embassy for trip
11) Remind Matt to do that too



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