We've finally almost finished moving. His desk is still over here in our old apartment. I'm so glad that we only moved across the hall--it made moving so much easier. My landlady came over tonight (they had to repair the water heater) and she started complaining that we hadn't moved the desk yet. I bit my tongue about getting things out in a timely manner because we found out on Thursday that we could move in. For the two of us only being off together on Friday and me moving everything else on my own Sat. & Sun., she's lucky we got so much moved on such short notice. I reminded her that I work 2 jobs and am gone all day, and she shut up pretty quickly after that.

To do list for me (things I have to do before the end of the quarter in less than 2 weeks)

--Write responses for Wed, Mon, Wed, Mon.
--Write personal craft annotation

--Research for final paper
--Write final paper got started. ~2 of 10 pages done

--Grade TA 2
--Grade Movie Eval
--Grade Final Ports.
--Enter grades

--Write self-assessment
--Fix 102 syllabus
--Write daily sched. for 102

Hmm. Not as bad as I thought.
So apparently there is a giant-ass snow storm coming our way for tonight-Wednesday. I may not have class for the next couple of days!

Also, we're moving here in the next week or two, hopefully. The lady that's taking our apt. is moving in on Mar. 1, so we have to be out of here well before then so ours can get cleaned up.

If I do have school tomorrow, I'm packing an overnight bag in case I can't get home and have to stay at Nana's or Sofia's. No more scares of potential sleeping in office for me.
Yay! I guess knew ALi didn't do very well in the truck, so they brought her back today!

Matt just installed new under the cabinent lights in our kitchen. It looks, in his words, sexy, and in my words, very beautiful. He's so handy. ANd full of good ideas. Just don't tell him that, his head's big enough as it is.



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