After years and years of reading and loving and studying and writing about Lord of the Rings, I've decided to get a tattoo of the White Tree of Gondor. I've always liked the idea of knowing that something good will come, no matter how bad things get, and that is what that Tree means to me.

I'm also loving library school. It's so interesting and fascinating--I'm so glad I dropped my PhD program. It's so much less stressful, too--I'm a much a nicer person than I was last year.

New resolution: to actually update this thing once a week, at least.

Newest musical obsession: The Doctor Who series 5 soundtrack. 63 glorious tracks! I especially love "I Am the Doctor" and "Amy's Theme."

Why, oh, why isn't there a soundtrack for Sherlock? I wants it, my precious.

I'm chomping at the bit to get my tickets for the NT Live! showing of Frankenstein. I'm kinda glad I live in Oklahoma now--I can't imagine there will be much of a rush to see this here. Although I probably just jinxed myself, dammit.
Dear Mother Nature,

Please to be deciding what month it is. Is it the end of September, or is it November? Right now, I'm thinking it's September. It's 71 degrees here, and tomorrow, the HIGH is 50 degrees. I don't mind the cold at all, in fact, I love it, but please stop with the PMS induced mood-temperature swings.

No love,


I am also sitting here listening to the TTT complete soundtrack. It came yesterday!

I also have 2 papers to write, both of which are very short and rather easy, and they're due on Tuesday. I have to update my lesson plans too, and then I'm done with 703. I have a final at 8 PM on Monday for 701, but it's open book and open note, so it should be a breeze.

Hooray for the end of the quarter! I'm alive! I did it!
I have been a bad girl and done some serious retail therapy. I now have 2 online orders coming my way (LUSH and Skindazzles), and I bought 2 new pairs of shoes (but I needed those), a book, 2 sweaters, and I preordered The Two Towers Complete Soundtrack!!! I am so excited! However, the price is absolutely ridiculous. It's $60.99 on Amazon. Yes, that's 60 bucks. O_O But I used a $35 gift cert from my Dad so it wasn't so bad. It should be here right around the middle of November.

I am also so excited that the end of the quarter is almost here. I only have to teach 5 more classes. I have 2 701 classes left and 4 more 703 classes. But then I get to grade 23 portfolios, which have 4 pieces in them. That's 92 papers. ;_; And I have to grade them within a week. November 15-22 is NOT going to be fun.

And then.....Winter Break!!! Which means working at Mead, planning for next quarter, and reading for fun!
My LotR CDs came today! *dances* *cranks up the iPod*

I also finally got all of our pictures from our trip. Matt put them on a CDROM so I can copy them and then post them/use as desktops. There's 351 pictures on this CD, and my poor laptop is currently copying #161 as I type.
Whee! New community, and my first. It's [Bad username or site: @] and it is being used as an archive for my novel. Go friend if you'd like. :D

I also ordered the Fellowship of the Ring complete soundtrack tonight. I cannot WAIT until it gets here!

Urgh. It's almost 2 am and I am so not tired.


Nov. 16th, 2005 11:13 am

It's $53.99 on for all 4 CDs of the Fellowship of the Ring. I LOVE the music and I so want this for Christmas. I really hope that they're doing this for all the movies, that'd be wonderful. /music geek



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